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Thick girls.


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Not sure where to put this but I wanted to put it out there I guess.


I like all types of girls. But honestly I think thick girls are by far the most beautiful. Kim kardashian....I've heard guys say she is too fat. Maybe they are too gay or something lol.


What do I think is a thick girl? Well here are some examples!


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Honestly those girls are like, super amazing and more unrealistic probably so heres some more realistic looking girls:


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link removed (omfg I want)


They are all so hot! I love the curves!


don't get me wrong, I like skinny petite girls too, and lots of other stuff, but I love thick girls the most.


Any tips on being with a thick girl? I know one might be on edge, and she might think of herself as fat, so I would tend to avoid calling her "thick" since I don't think women understand that some men (usually the black and hispanic) love thick girls, and that thick does NOT mean fat.


I mean, I can see a hot sexy thin girl like jessica alba or something, and just totally get so horny and hard. But when I see someone like kim kardashian its the same but its like my heart wants to rip out of my chest and go fly away to be with them. lol thats freakin weird eh?


I have seen alot of hot girls at the club, and I'd love to talk to them. Sometimes I wish I could just walk up to a girl and be like "your so amazing I love to see a REAL woman for once" and just leave it at that. But thats kinda creepy I think haha. I'll stick to being normal when it comes to talking to all women, but I just want to let all the thick girls know you have a special place in my heart

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I don't think its weird.. depends on who you are with.. I think the girls from down south are more confident with their bodies and like being called thick, because alot of southern men like thick girls... girls up north on the other hand want to be super skinny.... thats the way i see it.. my husband calls me thick and I dont get offensive... but as long as you tell her how much you love it... or call her your video vixen.. lol (my husband says that) she wont mind... i dont see whats wrong with being called thick

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too much booty for you? I think they look good.. they have a nice shape.. flat stomachs and look tone.. i guess some men can't handle women like that.. just wouldn't know what to do with all that butt..


Omg the things I would do with those butts...hours and days and weeks months years worth of enjoyment ^_^

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Haha woah i had no idea those girls were considered thick.


As for tips on being with a thick girl.. Lots of compliments about specific parts you like, and for heaven's sake don't give her fashion advice and tell her "oh you should wear that" and point to something worn by a very thin girl. She'll think you're a tool. Just don't talk about clothes altogether. And don't drool at celebrities like Megan Fox and Angelina because they'll think you're lying when you say you like thick girls. Drool over Beyonce and Kim and Ashanti and Christina Milan all you want, though.


Hope that helps

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I love this thread!


Thank you OP, for giving thick women the kudos and credit they deserve. I am one, and I definitely do have my "fat" days, but my body is healthy and strong, and I am fitter than a lot of my skinny friends. My boyfriend looovess my curves and seeing how other guys like thicker women helps to reaffirm for me how beautiful bigger women can be.

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curvy girls are my type! its too bad all the curvy girls i know are insecure with their bodies and want to go all slim.. i tell them no but they do anyway


It's because while guys may say they like curvy girls, it's usually not their first preference and sometimes what guys say 'curvy' is, we think of as being average or even thin =[

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Mmm adriana lima...*drool* (on a side note, have you ever heard her speak? Omfg its appalling, I'd have to tape her mouth shut during sex)


There is a difference between curvy and thick. A skinny girl can have big boobs and a big butt, its really rare though. They don't have those thick sexy legs, and their hips can be sort of pointy, like somebody sinched up their midsection with a wire, whereas a thick girls curves are all smooth and flow nicely.


Its all very nice regardless. ^_^

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