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After 2 reschedules...


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A young woman who I know (let's just say an associate) and I, after having to reschedule it twice already, are going out for a late dinner/drinks tomorrow night. I've gotten to know her a little bit a couple times, but she has always been with at least one other person (cousin, friend, brother, etc), so it'll be nice to spend some one-on-one time with her.


Just today, I discovered on her Facebook what her favorite flower is, so I figure if I greet her with a couple of them, I can't do no wrong. What unfolds in our conversation, who knows. Not trying to put any pressure on it, especially since we are meeting at a place that we frequent (or at least I frequent).

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So, we grabbed a bite to eat and kept a conversation going for about 2 hours, wandering around the neighborhood, back and forth. Although she was engaged in talking to me (and it was light and flirtatious, for the most part), smiled a bit, laughed a bit, quite a bit of eye contact, most of her body language didn't seem to explicitly show interest. For instance, crossing her arms every now and then (but socially engaged), checking her nails, etc.


She was interested in spending more time together, the soonest being this weekend (after inviting her to join me in an activity). There were times when I got the friendly vibe, and at times, something else.


I am probably looking into this too much. But I enjoy her company, and would not devalue her time as a friend. Just found it difficult to read her.

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It was only a first date, and you are still getting to know each other.

I don't think you should be concerned if she wasn't being obviously flirtatious.


Take it easy, and stop over-analyzing.

If she wants to see you this weekend, then that's a terrific sign that there's potential.

Relax, and see where things go.

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Too soon to tell about her attraction level, she could have been nervous.


Try not to ask out or to ask to spend more time together while still on the first date though, kills mystery and thus attraction unless she is totally digging you, and if she was, you would likely have been making out by the end of the first date.

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