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URGENT!! Doctors no help!!!


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My Stats - I'm 19 yrs old. Female. Sexually active. 120 lbs.

I'm new and this might be over share but I'd really like if someone can help.

What happened in February might not be related to my current problem but I'm sharing it in case.

I had a pap smear in February which came back good. However, later that month I started suffering with nausea and vomiting and had a really bad pain in my right (side) abdomen which felt a lot like an air (gas) pain. It quickly became unbearable and I went to the hospital, got an ultrasound (which showed fluid in my Morison's Pouch (indicating I had a ruptured ovarian cyst - which apparently isn't that uncommon for women) and a few days later I had another ultrasound which showed the fluid was gone and everything was fine.

However, in July the nausea and vomiting returned and I was diagnosed and treated for gastroenteritis (gastro).

It's August and the nausea and vomiting is back accompanied by dizzy spells; and when I do excess walking I also have pains in the same side as before. Also, it's the ending of August and I have NOT had a period since MAY!! I went to a doctor in July and had a pregnancy test which came back negative and since then I took two more which also came back negative.

I know the most obvious solution is to go back to the doctor; but all the visits to the doctor are really burning a hole in my pocket and I wouldn't mind if they provided answers but all I keep getting are more appointment dates. CAN ANYONE RELATE TO THIS???? Please respond!!

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I think you need further diagnosis. If you don't like your doctor maybe you can find a new one. Get a copy of your medical record for the new doctor so they don't have to repeat any recent tests. They stand a good chance of figuring it out if you just stick with the process. Good luck, and never give up finding the cause, it can be lifesaving.

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You really do need to go back to a doctor for this. Ovarian cysts are extremely common; it's less common for them to burst, but still happens frequently. However, you'd be surprised at how commonly gynaecological and gastrointestinal problems are confused with each other, even by specialist consultants using proper diagnostic tests. They're simply often difficult, without a laporoscopy, to separate on the basis of symptoms and ultrasound alone. For example, given your age and the location of your pain, have you been checked for appendicitis? That's another possibility that's often overlooked in women, although obviously it wouldn't explain the periods (but there could be other reasons for that).

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I was going to say appendicitis too...there is chronic and acute appendicitis. Chronic is where over a course of time it comes and goes and gets worse and worse until finally it goes acute. Acute is what most people know right away and is excruciating right side pain and it does not go away because the appendix will burst like mine did.


FWIW, I was sent home after 3 days from the first hospital after ultrasounds found "nothing" and was told I had a ruptures cyst. Few days later I was readmitted to another hospital and was told that my appendix had ruptured, likely 4-5 days earlier.


If your white blood cell count is elevated even a little, it could indicate a ow grade infection. By the time it goes off the charts like mine did, it's too late. I almost didn't make it out of that hospital.


God luck and keep us updated!

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