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i really need help... im so lost


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my best friend... i need help




My old girlfriend, whom I love very much was molested. Its not just that either. One day, her mom asked her if she had her hearing aid and my girlfriend seemed annoyed, when her mom gave me ride home, she told me that she wears a hearing aid and she feels stigma. She also told me many other complications along with her scoliosis form being born premature. Getting to the point, my girlfriend said she would tell me somemthing that would blow my mind. She said she was at her boyfriend's house for a sleep over because her boyfriend’s sister was also a best or really good friend. Her boyfriend’s father who is also her best friend's dad said that she will sleep on the couch. I thought I knew where this was going but I wasn't listening except for the part where she said she "had no backbone". I wasn't listening and she said she molested. I asked her what she said and repeated it even though the first time something inside of me heard what she said. She said this is why she moved. Since then I felt that I have been acting or treating her differently. I told her she was a girlfriend to me, or i should sayhinted, and that I care about her. I told her she was beautiful... um... I kept telling her to wear her hearing aid because she thought me or others would judge her. An affectionate day at the beach leads me to new york the next day for her grandma’s birthday. I hardly talked to her that much and she felt tired and a little sick. I have been really emotional thinking of how this could happen. She has gone through so much and I kept asking why anyone would do this. I sent her a bunch of messages and she said that she wanted to do other things and her friends were going through a tough time. I have been emotional for two weeks because I don’t know what to do. I felt hatred towards the "thing" that did that to her. i had noone to talk with and out of anger forced her to talk about these things. i only wanted to help, but now her mom is mad at me thinking im a bs-er because she has been thru a divorce. ive been really depressed after a month or so its better but i still cry and grow angry. its hard to realize how this happened, everything. im so confused and i cant do anything right anymore

i was only trying to help... shes angry and we dont talk

its been a while


hopefully this time this website will become of use...

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