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The second date - just cementing views from the first?


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How many of you ladies will do a second date with a guy that you are not attracted to right away or exactly sure of, just to see if you were right or wrong about the vibe you got from the first date?


Is this a general line of thought now? If you don't get the second date, then she really wasn't feeling anything between her and the guy? Is the second date in a sense a validation of the guy, or is it more for the girl to make up her mind?

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yeah, i'll go on the second date if i was on the fence about the first one. that's advice i've gotten here and given to others. you never know, sometimes a person may have had a bad day, or been sick on the first date so they didn't perform to their potential. i'd give them another chance.

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I find girls will often go on a second date even if they're unsure... but most guys make up their minds on the first date. At least that has been my experience.


That said I will not go on a second date with someone who I find unattractive or who irks me on the first date. The person has to have at least some level of attraction for me to bother with a second date.


Also I tend to assume that there are first dates nerves and awkwardness, hence I will allow for some level of difficulty engaging on the first date. I don't always see the first interaction as the true indication of the person - and they can change for the better or worse with a little bit of confidence and a reduction of nervousness!


So in a way it's validating that you're part way there... but doesn't mean you've got her just yet! I don't think either party makes up their mind wholey about the other person for at least a few dates.



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