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She doesn't call back


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Ok maybe Iam overthinking things and a bit paranoid but I have to ask and see if this is normal or something I should be concerned about.


Met a girl at work 3 weeks ago. We hit it off right from the start. We started going out and over the last 2 weeks been seeing more and more of each other.


We get along great I mean really awesome dates laughter, deep conversation just having a blast being out together. Last night we had an awesome time out and she even was like I had a great time so I know I didn't do anything wrong.


I would assume she llikes me as well we have been going out. We hold hands are affectionate towards each other and what not no sex yet Iam trying to be cool and take things at a natural pace but we flirt with each other and throw in little sexual flirtations as well.


My concern is, I had the day off from work she had to work so I thought I would get a call from her sometime after she got off work. Well I waited till about 8 she gets home around 6:30 so I called her at 8 and left a message. I said hey its me was wondering how work was and see how you were doing so give me a call later if you want ok bye.


Well I have not gotten a call back all night from her.


So is this something to be concerned about?


I know she has done that before and she has told me she went out with her friends and she ends up drinking cause thats all her friends are good for.


But I would think since we are like together that a simple phone call would be nice. I mean it is not that hard to say hey Im going out or hey whast going on something but no phone call at all has me alittle worried.


Soooo is it me? am I worrying too much? or is something amiss here?

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Soooo is it me? am I worrying too much? or is something amiss here?


It's you. Why do you wait for her to call you? Don't you have a life to take care of??? The best way of action is indifference and not giving a damn. You'll see soon what'll happen if she's really interested in you ;-)


Uh, and never ask someone 'hey, why didn't you call?' It's suffocating and annoying.

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Eh, I'm pretty bad about answering calls myself. Sometimes my phone isn't on me or I forget to bring it, etc. I wouldn't worry about it if it was just tonight. Also, personally, I hate when people just call to say, "what's up?". I want there to be a reason, like they want to go do something.

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Give her a couple days. If she doesn't call back after that, or you see her at work, then say Hi, ask how she's doing. If you don't feel something's there anymore, than it isn't. If she doesn't call back, then that's that.


it's tough, I know, I've been there - and I wonder if I'll be there come next Sunday.... Just know that the better one is somewhere around the corner.

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First of all, lots of people feel like this when they don't get a call back right away in a new "relationship." So it's totally normal. Having said that, I do agree that you're too worried about it! If you really think about it, I bet you could list an entire page of possible reasons she wouldn't be able to call you back right away (don't really do that, it's silly. I'm just saying ).


If she appears to be having a good time with you, and you truly feel she's interested, then go off of that. I think if she was ignoring your calls because she isn't interested in you, she would have been giving other vibes and signs as well that showed her lack of interest. So relax, and I'm sure she'll call back.

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