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How does a girl move from the "friend zone" to a notch up?


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I just stumbled on this question from a guy`s point of view, but sometimes us girls get friendzoned too... or maybe the guy wants to be more than friends but is hesitant for some reason.


What would make a guy take the chance on showing some romantic interest if you were just friends for awhile?


Getting more dressed up, perfume.. a new hairdo.. sexier clothes... Doing something adventurous or daring with him? Saying something risque to him?


Just curious.. as I have this guy who is now only a friend, but I am starting to think i would like to be more than just a friend to this guy...

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I'm not quite clear what you want to achieve here. There are two possibilities: either (1) you're interested in dating him, you think he may be interested, but you're not sure; or (2) you're interested in dating him, you think he's not interested, but you want to make him interested.


They are two completely different situations. For (1), it's simple: ask him out. There's no inherent reason why the man has to be the one to do the asking everytime, and things would be a lot smoother and easier here if you just took on that role, and I'm sure it will be fine. For (2), you obviously shouldn't ask him out until you think he may be interested; it's hard to later recover from a premature rejection. Instead, you should focus on (a) getting his attention, by doing things that he's already interested in, so you have a common interest to talk about and connect through, and (b) getting him to see you as a potential romantic partner by looking your absolute best, and being the life and soul of the party. Little attracts a man more than a girl who is socially improving; it's like a train that many men just can't resist jumping on board once they see it moving, even if initially they weren't interested in where it was going.

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I'm with Karvala on this, whatever sex he/she may be!


There is no reason why you can't ask him out, or if you are friends, to simply ask if he finds you attractive and if you are the kind of girl he'd be interested in dating. There are plenty of ways of asking, so perhaps try to find the least in his face way of finding out this information while giving him the impression you are available.


By the way, it is easier for a girl to move out of a guys friendzone, than it is for a guy to move out of a girl's friendzone. This is based around a theory called ladder theory.

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