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  1. We met a year and a half ago at work. We pretty much immediately started hanging out as we had the same circle of friends. We then started sleeping together. Neither Of us was wanting anything serious it was purely casual. We both had recently gotten out of long-term relationships. We have created a strong bond between us and I consider him a good friend. To the point where when we both needed a new place to live we decided that we would move in together to help each other. (Que the alarm) it was originally going to be three of us in the apartment. Him and I and one of his friends. That
  2. For more context, we both moved back home and are commuting from home for work post grad. He broke off his relationship about a month ago and things picked up where they had left off prior to their relationship (thatÂ’s a whole other long story). Anyway, weÂ’ve hung out a few times hooked up once or twice and I know he wants it to go further physically because he has mentioned it. We talked pretty much all day every day for the past few weeks and now all of a sudden heÂ’s ghosting me a bit. He asked me to take off work one day because he was going to be off and he wanted to spend time together
  3. I have been super close friends with this girl for a couple of years. She is super caring. She probably cares about me way more than I care about her because she always takes the initiative to help me with everything. Because of our closeness, the inevitable question of if I like her came up, I said yes and she refused. But I am 100% sure, I can convince her to go on a date with me. Hanging out with each other alone is nothing new for us, she always takes me out for dinners when she gets paid so these are normal things. So here's my point, if I take her for date, arrange everything the way she
  4. Hi, so this is a long story. I'm a guy who has this friend who's a girl. We've been friends for a couple years now, and I'd say we're fairly close (she talks to me about a lot of personal things, we've given eachother advice on the opposite sex, etc). She had this ex who she was still kinda into around June and she was thinking about getting back together with him. I've had feelings for her for a while and a friend had convinced me that it was now or never. So I told her how I felt. She gave me the "I'll think about it" and we continued hanging out on that occasion as usual. I never got an act
  5. I've been hanging out with this girl for a month. We've cuddled once and will snap each other for hours on end but recently she hit me with a text saying "thanks bud" am I done for? Should I try to keep flirting with her or just abandon ship and move on I really do have feelings for her.
  6. Hi all, Oooh I don't want the dreadful friendzone! I'm so proud of myself doing 3 months of NC, and last week, when I changed my status quote on skype, he texted me. Beforehand he had reached out 3 times, including asking me to be friends, but I didn't reply. Now, after 3 months I replied.... He said its a nice saying, i said that i like it, thanks. He said: I thought you would never talk to me again. I have been trying to keep our friendship open. I didn't really reply to that, just saying: "I see". Now he just wished me a nice weekend and a nice week... With every reply from my
  7. alright so i courted this girl about a month ago and she rejected me and she said that she sees me as an older brother, so yeah that sucks jump a month later i decided to make a move, i secretly wrote an admiration letter to her and left it on her porch, the following day she went to my place to hang out, and once we head out for lunch, she randomly said " youre really good at drawing flowers. now im an artist and i drew a flower in that letter, and she gushed a little bit. a few hours later i had a talk to her best friend and he said she knows that it was me, because there was a line i
  8. Read it all first please! Not a troll thread, I have no time to make an account to write a fake story Hello everyone! I as an anonymous GUY (21 year old) without any pfp was invited to a chatting app by a girl (25) to her group since I was in her other group( never talked to her in that group) and spent over 1.5months talking chatting and randomly joining group calls with everyone. * I NEVER SHOWED MY FACE TO ANYONE*... I don't know but after that 1.5months something about me really kinda got her and she started PM'ing me and we talked and gamed a lot for like 2-3 weeks almost all the time
  9. I have a friend that I generally see when we are both at mutual friends get togethers. The past two times I have seen him he has sat either next to me or across from me. If he sits next to me he sits quite close and has tried to partner with me if we play a game. He recently asked me to hang out with him and his friends family (whom I've never met), but then just asked me to come over to his house and watch some movies. The entire time we were together he kept at least a seat or a table or something between us. If I did touch him (like reaching for the snacks and touching his hand, or if I
  10. So it finally happened all this time i thought she was blowing me off but i kept my cool. Oddly enough it was like we never skipped a beat laughing from the second we met up, like the past 6 months never happened. i let her say what she had to say, she also told me i was right all along about the guy i knew was good from day one🙃. She has him blocked on everything and he got fired cause he tryed to rape her basically at her party. After the meet i was thinking about txting her it was nice to see her but she did it, i am not chasing her nor am i going to let her stick me in the friendzone. She
  11. So... I’ve been friends with this girl for 2 years, she had a bf when we met but she was going through a rough patch and ended up at mine all the time before she left him – she didn’t cheat on him with me but during that time I started having a crush on her. I went to visit her a couple of times after she’d left him and we ended up sleeping together, but she was insistent that we worked better as mates. She then got a bf and I got jealous (I know), but they split up and she got back into contact with me. We met up a couple of times as I’m moving for a job that’s nearer to where she’s mov
  12. I'm friends with a Girl at University but lately I feel as though she's being a bit too friendly since she has a boyfriend. We've known each other for months, but at the start she was extremely shy around me, and wouldn't say much to me. However in the past month and a half the following has happened -She's gone out of her way to do favours for me, like helping me with coursework. - Has asked me to hangout on a few occasions - She seems hyper when she sees me in person these days, such as waving excitedly, stroking my hair, touching my hand etc - She's starting to talk to me online all t
  13. jay1918


    I've been friendly and been on a date with a girl we've been close for a while. She then was distant but then yesterday she told me shed abused and that she had never told anyone even her ex of 7 years after we text last night and it was fine and she seemed so happy to have told me about how she's behaving. But then today she mentioned she has a new friend and that he showed a pic of his brother and said he was fit she has never nothing before. She saw I was talking to a new girl for a while yesterday I'm just confused is she telling me because she sees me as a friend is she trying to make me
  14. The man I have been seeing for four months recently told me that he was feeling nervous because he'd had his heart broken so many times before, and we should cool it a little bit. He still texts, and we talk on the phone, but both are rare occurrences. So, because I have feelings for him, I'm trying to give him the space he needs. In between time, I confided in my good friend, who also happens to be my ex-husband of 7 years, that I have been friendzoned and was feeling down. He invited me out for a beer, and after a few hours and a few more beers, he dropped me off at my apartment and proceede
  15. HELP!!!!! Advice needed ASAP!!!! I met a guy about a week ago at a choir camp I was at. Hes one of those tall dark and handsome types and I was immediately attracted. I was too nervous to talk to him and the 3rd day of camp him and a lot of the people at camp were dinging and dancing in the hall so i was filming it to out on my snapchat story and he rad up to me and yelled add me on snapchat "*********" (and he yelled his snap username) so I added him. I put the videos of the whole commotion n my story and he replied omg send me all of these and gave me his phone number. I texted him and we ta
  16. I had been talking with an ex these past few days and things were going great, talked about our mistakes and where things went wrong the first time. I didn't push for anything but told here how I felt and what I would like out of it. Then, the friendzone speech. "I don't want you to miss out on other people bc I'm not ready. I don't want you waiting around for me. I'm working on myself and trying to better myself but I have to do that on my own." then I told her that we talked about these thing last week and we agreed to trying to reconcile our romantic relationship.
  17. Let me start by saying I'm probably the worst person when it comes to reading signals This past weekend I was talking to a coworker at work. Got to know her a bit and she seems really cool as well as super cute. We started talking about a work party that night and agreed we would see each other there. I sent her a friend request on FB and immediately she messaged me about the party and we started talking. At the party, she was messaging me if I was there as if wanting to see me. However, she is new to work and doesn't know people so I may have just been a firend. But she did bring
  18. So, I'm a guy, and I've been friends with a girl for a year or two now. We've been incredibly close for a long time and we've helped each other through a lot. I was wanting a relationship, but she was not. She's been talking to another bloke for a long time too, and it hurt me quite a bit, because I'm soley invested in her, while she is not, and the fact she's brought someone else to her life makes me feel really unimportant, replaceable and obsolete. Recently, she told me she's okay to be in a relationship with this guy. This really kicked me in the teeth. I've been trying to do things so
  19. So, I saw my ex on Friday night for the first time in months. I bumped into her in a nightclub and things went really well. We spoke all night and reminisced, had a few drinks together and then shared a cab at the end of the night. We'd spoken briefly a week or so before Friday and she magically turned up at the club she would've known I was at (she doesn't usually go there and a mutual friend had posted a picture of me on snapchat). She's messaged me today and since we've started talking again she's always the first to message. The thing is, after the break up I did all the massive no no'
  20. hi I'm CJ, I'm 17 years old, and I have been deeply in love with my good friend ,a girl named Alaina, for a long time, but have never gotten the courage to tell her how I feel. But the thing is, She has a boyfriend, who makes her really happy. I've always had this problem where I fall for the girls I can never have. Also, in a few weeks is my school graduation, so there's also the pressure that I may never see her again. My mind has been constantly racing, thinking about what I should do. I've never really had a girlfriend before, despite the many times I've tried, and all I've ever wanted was
  21. Met a girl from Bumble and here's how it's gone dating wise: Sat 29 Dec - went for a few afternoon drinks. Sun 30 Dec - Went out for a meal and more drinks, ended up staying over at hers kissing most of the night, slept together but we didn't have sex. Mon 31 Dec - As I woke up at hers we took her dog for a walk in the park and spent most of the day together. Tues 1 Jan - She came over to mine and we ordered Chinese, she didn't stay over. Sat 5 Jan- Went for drinks, ended up staying at hers and we slept together, this time had sex. Sun 6 Jan - Went for a meal and to the cinema. Fri 11
  22. I have known this guy for years, but we never really hung out more than once every couple months before this year. We were really excited this summer when our favorite tv show came back on and decided to binge watch the previous season, as well as the current season together. This all led to us spending weekends together and daily texts for new theories/news about what would happen to our favorite characters. After the show ended things slowed down some, but we still text at least every couple days, and spend most weekends together with friends. Before all this we never hung out just us, w
  23. So, I used to be her "slave", not even a friend I guess, and would do anything she asked me. We are classmates, and therefore she normally asked me for help with the subjects, rides, but ignored me when I was not useful to her. I stopped going after her (i am actually ignoring her, she realized it and now we only greet each other) and she started showing signs of liking me such as flippping her hair when I was talking to her or when we were about to pass by each other, eye locking quite often, she started looking at me in class (her stares are mostly towards this other guy though), etc. She i
  24. Hi, Well basically I have not got dating experience under my belt, and given the fact im 20 now, I have seen a fair share of girls. But in my time of nights out, I have never truely got drunk, only ever tipsy on, I have never actually properly got with a girl. As much as it is heartbreaking for me to see my friends with girls and then there me who is rather socially awkward as I cant find my words in a situation like that, I feel like I know not what to do or how to talk to them. Some of my closest girly friends are the only ones I see as sisters, but two of them send my feelings wild, like
  25. This girl i really like friendzoned me twice and i didn’t give up so we been send goodnight texts with hearts and her bestfriend told me she has mixed emotions because of how her ex treated her because he cheated... What does this mean for me?
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