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Complete change of feelings...because of a DREAM! So bizaare!


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I've been casually seeing this guy for about a month now. Hanging out, texting, flirting, etc.


i've had a few warning signs from friends about this guy (nothing major, just indications we may not be overly compatible) but I've really grown to like him.


This all changed last Saturday night when I had a surreal - and disgusting - dream about him. I know it probably sounds hilarious, but I dreamt we were at a house party and ''getting it on'' so to speak. He undressed himself and then I discovered there were huge warts and blemishes all over his penis! Again, yes, I know it sounds hilarious but I woke up and nearly hurled. It's now wednesday and I've hardly been able to text the guy since because the dream is continuing to make me feel physically sick when I think of it- and I think of it every time I think of the guy -it was THAT strong of a dream.


I don't usually have surreal or vivid dreams so it's particularly strange. BUt it has really affected me. It honestly has changed my feelings for him, really and truly, it has. I feel sick thinking of him now.


Thoughts?!!! It's so strange!

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Are you sure the dream isn't just stemming from your subconscious where you've stored those thoughts about the "warning signs" you received? I interpret my dreams with a grain of salt--I mean, think about all the other dreams you've had before. In reality, probably 99% of them are "surreal." That's just how they are. I don't think it's fair to this guy that you'd be so repulsed by him because of a silly little dream you had. Make some plans to hang out with him and see what happens when you see him in person again.

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