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I recently stumbled accross this space in ENA (I have mainly been hanging around in Getting Back Together, since my breakup was the reason I joined ENA). But its amazing how well people can write. Some of those professionals out there should really look at the stuff here and feel ashamed for the sorryass stuff they dish out.


This thread has no real purpose except that I wanted to speak out somewhere about how wonderful people here have written. It would have taken too long to go and appreciate each piece individually.


I write stuff myself. I don't want to post it up here for certain reasons. Still, I know how difficult it is to come up with really really good stuff. More so if it is on varied subjects. Only when we have written stuff ourself can we really appreciate how lucky we are to have been around when people like Dylan have been active. I mean, to read some of his poetry just stuns me. Apart from astonishing quality, the sheer volume of work, and the topics he has covered, make me believe Bob Dylan is the name of a team of some 10 poets! Its really hard to believe one person has produced so much quality.


Anyway, I am digressing. My main intention was to just express appreciation for all the people who have penned down things here. Maybe one day, I will be in a position to post my work here, so others can read it. Till then, my lonely blog has to bear with it.


Thanks guys! Keep posting.

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