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Please someone help me!

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So 4 months gone I really thought I was getting better. Then tonight I meet a mutual friend. She tells me that my ex is still with the man (shocking as I am a girl) he was cheating on me with and he has taken him to the parties with our friends with RSVP’d together on and the holiday we had planned together. We were together so long (since we were 19 I am now nearly 27) I don’t know I can get through this anymore.

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i don't know if what i'll say will help you but just breathe!

remember that he was a cheater and that you deserve much better.

i know my ex cheated on me and everything we had planned he is doing with that girl right now too.

don't despair! you can get through it!

don't let it sound like its the end of the world

try not to talk to your mutual about him anymore

i know it hurts to know that your ex is still with the person he cheated on you with but that's why you must remain calm and clear everything about him right now!

even when you think you are ok, don't believe it means you are ok to learn things about him because it will just open the wound again.

you've went through 4 months now just go back to what you did to get through those months again.

just need to keep thinking positive because if you let yourself down then you won't let others come in.

just breathe slowly and maybe try to meditate, it helps me a lot.

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I agree.. a friend of mine used to say a person who makes you cry isn't worth your tears. He is the one who cheated and it is bad that he's still with the person he cheated with. I also agree be positive it's his loss just think about what motivated you to get through the last 4 months. Make your own plans. My best friend and her girlfriend broke up 3 days ago and low and behold her exgirlfriend is taking her new "partner" on the holiday that my bestfriend and her booked and paid for together. Things happen doesn't mean it's the end of the world. When you hear about him. "Smile" be postive don't let it get to you. and Meditate is such a good thing helps you through alot. I'm not going to say there's more fish in the sea etc. But what i can say is You can move on. One day you will find someone else. Don't let it bother you and when your around this mutual friend jus dont listen let it go in one ear out another and smile it will confuse them. hope it helps x

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