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Broke NC??

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Today is my graduation day. and my ex broke NC when he texted me congrats. here is the consvo:


HIM "congrats"

Me "thank you i appreciate that"

HIM "welcome"

Me "i understand you had to work its ok"

HIM "Yeah..so did you get a car?

ME "lol no i mite just save up"

HIM "LMAO o dang..i finally got my waves in my hair"

ME "AWW i knw youre happy"

HIM "YEAH, so you celebratin tonite?"

ME "i had a cook out yesterday, prob going to my friends later"

HIM " O"

Me" yea so i dont know im tired"





it wont much and as you can see i wannit to text him .

we were on NC 26.

came far but it was bittersweet.

i was hoping more out of it .

cant expect too much..

i guess its back to NC right?

now im thinking though he may feel we can be "associates"

i cant do that..im not ready.

so if he does text again ..how can i stay in NC and not be in the friendzone!!

cuz i want to be back together once i heal.

and why didnt he bring up about us..too soon??

so many questions...

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