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I Don't No Why I Love You, But I Do...


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All of my best friends are men. I just feel more comfortable around guys. Anyways there has always been a little sexual tension between my best friend and I. It always seemed like bad timing. For the first time we are both single. I really didn't want to sleep with him because he is by far my closest friend and if that were to ever be broken I would be devistated. However, after 2 years of solid friendship and a bottle of wine we ended up having sex. Not good sex at that, sloppy drunk sex.


We never really talked about it. Just pretended everything was the same. We sleep next to each other like we always did. It was never a problem. But we had sex again, twice. I'm starting to fall in love with him, and he still treats me like his best friend.


I'm afraid to say anything because I know I will problly loose the best friend I have ever had. But on the other hand if I don't say anything I feel like I might be miserable. I don't no what to do.

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Once a sexual relationship starts with someone who you care about and have been friends with starts it is very likely that feelings will start to develop.. You've said in your title that you feel you love him.. It can easily happen where you speak to him about these feelings and this could end your friendship as things could get awkward. Relationships can develop out of friendships but do you really feel he feels the same way..and are you willing to risk losing someone who is your best friend..

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