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why am i not suprised....


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i dont think i have aby questions or anything maybe this is just anexcuse for me to vent.

Iv been posting o nhere the last couple of days, long story short my ex dumped me dated someone else and whenever things were going bad would come back and then ditch me again. So the last wek we spent alot of time together and i finally found out hrer boyfriend was in mexico and was aobut to dump her. Also she had been telling friends a few weeks earlier how much better she was off with this new guy. Then when i saw her during the week she said i cant sotp thinking about you he dosnt make me as happy as you blablabla, i told her good bye gor good.


how could anyone do something like that its so disgusting, sorry if this a pointless post but im just so...i dont even know the word, she has no problem screwing up someones life

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I feel you man... i find myself wondering how some people can do such things, even more disgusting than what you have had done to you.


Your situation i think comes from the ladies' insecurity - we ALL have insecurities sometimes, and hers stems from fear of being alone i think... She wont let go of one (in this case you) until she has a firm grip on the next (new guy).


Such behavior is wrong in my opinion and I actually thank my ex for having the respect to brush me aside before looking for anyone else lol.


Bottom line i think you did the right thing, you dont need a woman who treats you that way, there are tons others out there who will treat you much better. I know what i am saying may not be of any comfort to you right now, but rest assured there are because i am going through the same kind of thing...we split and now im on the lookout for something new..


Yes it sucks to start all over again but what can you do. Use this situation as a learning process and don't let it happen to you ever again.....

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im sorry to hear your going through a rough time and i wish you luck with your next relationship! but then again noone would be on this site if everything was perfect and i have so much appreciation for those willling to help.


Im by no means trying to say iv had it the worst and i feel so bad for anyone in a smiliar or worse than me. I just wish people wouldnt be so selfish and grow up a little you know.


Although its hard to judge from this position. Of course were going to think that the other person is terrible for doing what they are doing but i guess we sort of have to understand that when emotions take over its unbelievably hard to control.


Im just sort of ranting on but i cant wait till things turn aorund and im not gonna sit here waiting anymore

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