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Teeth whitening

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Been looking at teeth whitening kits and they all seem much of a muchness. Does anyone recommend any brand in particular? Was going to go for a dental tray and gel system, but saw laser treatment. Is it worth the money?


Also, I have quite bad staining at the back of my bottom row of teeth from years of smoking. Would this need ot be treated first by a hygenist?


Thanks for any suggestions!

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I use Listerine Whitening Strips.

Almost done the box and I've had so many people comment on how white my teeth are [ and they don't even know I'm using it! ].

I think they work quite well but I imagine it would be more difficult for a smoker but you could still get your teeth a few shades whiter.

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As soon as I stopped using it, my teeth got noticeably yellow-er.... yellower than what I started with! My enamel is thinner. My teeth are a lot more sensitive and have never recovered... so I'm stuck using Sensodyne (much more expensive than normal toothpaste!). Keep in mind I'm only 20!

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Oh dear - was this with the strips? I found some mineralising product to use after whitening, maybe that'd avoid the problem in future? I've found some stuff without peroxide which I imagien won;t work quite so well, but then it sounds like it's the peroxide which damaged your teeth?

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I work for a dentist and we do tooth whitening seriously, don't buy off the shelf. In the UK they can't sell over the counter a high enough level of bleach to make a proper difference.


The clinic I work for does the tray-based whitening or the Zoom2, which people think is a laser but is a UV Light that activates the bleaching gel. The only real difference is that the Zoom2 makes your teeth white straight away, whereas you normally use the tray kit for 1-2 weeks. Zoom2 is normally more expensive.


From what I've seen and heard, from dentists and patients, the trays are normally the better option. They're made to fit your mouth, they cost less and they might take a little longer but unlike the Zoom2, you can keep the trays and buy more gel once it starts to fade, which shouldn't be for at least a year. So longterm, they're much better. If you have Zoom2 and it fades, you pay all over again to have it redone, with the trays you can just buy more gel, which is definitely cheaper.


Hope that helps

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