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2.5 months NC. I had sex with my ex on Sat - no regrets though!!!


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Please read.."he is just not that into me". I could not have said it better than all the other posters. You have not detoxed from him yet..and that's why you are stil on that 'high"


He remembered you for the sex you had..ofcourse he did..because that is why he came back. The reason why chances are big that he won't ask to get back is because he does not have too as long as there are no boundaries. Otherwise he would have said "lets start over"or "lets give us another go"or whatever when youwere still in his arms..but not the "lets be friends BS" afterwards. To me that would be an insult actually..but thats me.


I am so afraid you are going to get hurt worse than before if you dont start putting off those rose coloured glasses.


Going for that 1-time fix..ok. You did it, it happened, you did not feel bad. Now..start over. But please control yourself now..and make everything you have to give count for something. Dont give it up anymore for less than you are worth. You are giving a sweet part of you..your body and friendship to someone that dumped you and did not want you in their future as their significant other. So if you are not that significant other now..why do you do think you will become it later..when nothing in "your offer" has changed?


The dignity lies in being the "Choice/one he chooses to be with" and not the "Option".


And for the guys: yes..i had sex with an ex that i 'dumped". And it was for all selfish reasons. He thought that he was over me..and acted all tough..and i just wanted someone i knew. I was totally selfish in my feelings i have to admit. Afterwards my ex started to call me more often etc again..and i had to reject him again and again. So..i learned never to do that again. A lot of drama to just have sex with someone you know. So just like the men there are woman out there..who are also good in separating sex and emotions when it comes down to it you know ;-)

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Thank you Broken34 for such a long answer I'll try to be stronger and the fact that you described it using your own experience makes me think...


I still believe I shouldn't go complete NC if we can be friends. But you might be right about sex. Deep down I feel I shouldn't do it again. I don't guarantee myself I'm strong enough to say 'no' next time but I'll try because I know he can't think he can get it whenever he wants it...

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