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  1. I'm so happy someone started this threat because I 'come here' to get positive thoughts and very often I'm really disappointed. In most of the posts I read, 'move on and at some point you'll be over him.' And yes, it might happen. However, I didn't find this forum to hear that, every day I try to find someone here who could support my hope. That's what I'm looking for and positive stories will help me because the fact that people say to me 'open your eyes' doesn't kill my hope at all!!! It only makes me feel worse. And the forum is called 'geting back together.' There is another one that gives advice how to get over your boyfriend or girlfriend. But this one has a different purpose, I suppose My sister's story: She was with her boyfriend for a year. With a lot of tears she had to break up with him because he was going to Australia for 2 years! He started a new relationship there. My sister moved on as well. But after 2 years they saw each other for a day. He had to leave for Australia again. He came back after a month for 3 months and my sister now is in Australia and they live together and I think one day I'll be a witness of their wedding
  2. Thank you Broken34 for such a long answer I'll try to be stronger and the fact that you described it using your own experience makes me think... I still believe I shouldn't go complete NC if we can be friends. But you might be right about sex. Deep down I feel I shouldn't do it again. I don't guarantee myself I'm strong enough to say 'no' next time but I'll try because I know he can't think he can get it whenever he wants it...
  3. Guys thank you so much for your thoughts I do understand that he might go out with some other girls and might have a girlfriend. However, as long as I'm closer to him, he might be eager to open his eyes at some point to see that I've got those positive sides that other women lack. If not, there will be enough time for me to get used to the thought that we might not be together. Till Sat I was the most miserable person in the world and with time it got worse and worse. And I have a feeling that the fact that he will see me every now and again will help me. Even if it's rare, he'll always see me happy and cheery. Another thing is, I did not start to move on at all, so that night wouldn't change much anyway... And I'm so happy today. I won't tell you that it doesn't give me any hope. It does. But I had so much hope before that as well. So is it really about dignity? Does that really matter? There was another thing that shocked me as well. There was his friend (he perfectly knows me) in the house in the morning and he didn't mind him seeing and speaking to me. The last time before that was like a secret. He made sure noone saw us. But this time was different...That made me think as well...
  4. Hi there, As many remember we broke up on New Year's Eve and went NC for 2.5 mths. After that he texted me asking if we could be friends. And only friends. I said yes. And we met around 2 weeks ago. He kept saying that day that we would never be together again. Then I txted him once when I was out. He said he was worried about me but it was not fair to txt him when I was out. Then I went on skiing holidays for a week, came back on Sat and surprise surprise he called me at night. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk accross the river. And I said yes. He assured me it was nothing sexual. Then we slept cuddled in and in the morning we had amazing sex. And that was my decision. I thought that would make my chances smaller and smaller...But guys, no matter what yesterday and today I've had the happiest days since we broke up. And I feel it was worth, even if he doesn't intend to be with me. However, as I support NC when you're dumped, I don't really support NC when the dumper asks you to be his friend after a couple of months. And I truly believe that that morning, our chat and my presence on Saturday will stay in his mind. And even if he goes out with someone, he will have some fresh memories that will picture me in a positive way. Have you ever taken an attitude like myself? If yes, what have you achieved? I realize many will tell me that it's all about dignity and trust me I want him now as much as I wanted him before, no more no less. But I've had two days of happiness and wouldn't give it back for the so-called 'dignity.' I don't text him, only sporadically. I let him do whatever he wants. But I believe that if he sees me from time to time, all happy and collected and if he has sex with me that he always loved, it will remind him about my positive side, won't it? xxx
  5. Yes, my ex (again ) said we would never be in touch...never ever again. I said 'not even after a few months? We can see how ito goes, can't we?' He said 'no, 100%!, I asked '100%?' He replied 'Yes, 100%.' I left the car and... after three months we were back together... However, I must have done sth wrong in a whole process of reconciliation because he broke it off again at the beginning of January after 3 months and I still have a huge hope that we'll spend our future together. At least I learnt how to do NC...
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