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there is this girl at my school and i really want to ask her out. we used to speak alot because we were inthe same classes but now really only online. When i see her in person we say a quick hi or whats up. But she ususually tries to look away or pretend im not there and not look at me if im near her.Im pretty sure that if i wasnt who i was she would just happened to glanse at me(like when im right next to her in the hall). And plus im a pretty big guy over 6 foot hard to miss. But somtimes she does. im pretty sure shes just REALLY shy. People tell me that i act like im better then everyone else when i really done mean to. This may be playing a role im not sure, any of you think this girl may like me? how do i make her feel more comfortable around me?

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if you really wanna ask her out, then i suggest u ask her out. LEt her know how u feel about her while ur talkin to her online, but have the respect to ask her out in person, so that she can see the sincerity in ur eyes and facial expression as u do so.


It sounds as if she is a bit shy, because if i find myself becoming attracted to sumone, and if i run accross him, i find myself talking to everyone except him in the beginning...almost as if i ignore him, not intentionally,...just second nature to shy away from someone that may give me those innocent butterflies...


You will make her comfortable around u, by just being urself, and casually starting up conversation just as you would do with any of ur other friends, do treat her the same. Dont worry about what others say about you, if u are genuine and considerate in how u treat ppl. however, if you hear that oftens, and if u treat ppl less than urself, ....u may wanna try to evaluate the chances of u fixing that, as it is a turn off for some ladies to see guys that have that "im all that" attitude, which doesnt sound like the case with u. Then again sometimes, others may be envious of height, good looks or charm with the women, and try to discourage u...but just be urself and ull be ok...


: )




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