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Drinking too much herbal tea??

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Does anyone know if drinking many cups of herbal tea (let's say 4-5 per day) can be overdoing it?


I don't consume any caffeinated teas or coffee (I want to feel relaxed, not aggitated), so I find the herbal teas very soothing and enjoy drinking them a lot. I'm just wondering if it's ok. I've been addicted to chamomile tea for ages now, and especially enjoy drinking it before bed. Any thoughts on this? Do others drink herbal tea and how much?

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I don't know too much about the other teas. I do know though that green tea which is consumed alot, is best drunk ony 3x a week.

People drink it 4-5 times a day (well.. some people/fanatics of it). I almost started doing it too. I mean everyone was hyping it up to be such a great "weight loss aid".


My friends mom has been drinking it for years and years. Not sure how many cups a day (of it she only drinks one) but now her body is used to it. She can't go #2 without it and gets extremely constipated. So now the doctor told her she'll just have to keep drinking it forever since her body is used to it. Too much of anything is never good.



I know some other people who can't function without their morning cup of tea (headaches, etc). I think if yo don't want you're body getting dependant on it, limit it to once a day or less.

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I drink between 3 and 4 cups a day - decaf green tea in morning, Tazo tea during the day, and something to help me kill stress and anxiety before bed. So far no issues that I know of.


Lots of chamomile can act as a diuretic though, so make sure you're keeping your electrolytes balanced.

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I am reducing my caffeine intake, and drink one cup of coffee a day- I come from about 5 cups and I need a warm drink sitting on my desk! So I switched to tea. I think that one of the healthiest teas is the South African Rooibos tea ('Red Bush'). It's naturally caffeine-free, it contains anti-oxidants and is not bitter at all.


When I was in the states, I drank a lot of Yogi Teas. Those are extremely expensive. I pay about 1.50 dollars for a pack of 20 rooibos teabags, and yogi teas can easily cost 4.50.


I am not sure if you can drink too much herbal teas. I think one should always be careful with specific teas that are intended for digestion, weight-loss, or other things. Herbal not equal innocent. Some of course won't hurt you, I think chamomile and mint won't do harm. In addition, you can actually drink too much water, and put too much burden on your kidneys.

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Herbal teas are the most popular choices. And because most of these teas are actually great tasting, people have at least one favorite tea. Ginger tea, chamomile tea, and jasmine tea are the most preferred ones. Each of these teas provides a certain health benefit to a person who takes them.


If you want to take these herbs for a better health, just remember to take them in moderation. These teas are easily available, as you can find them at grocery store and health food stores.

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