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My daughter has ADHD...Advice Please!


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My daughter is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD and I was just wondering if anyone has found anything to help tone down the hyperness and to help them focus on important things such as school. My mother in law said she things that Omega 3 is supposed to help but she is for sure. So any one with any ideas please reply!! And thank you very much in advance.

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I don't want to put her on any meds. I just don't think a 7 year old should be on that strong of a medication. A little tylenol is fine here and there but thats about it. I feel that it is one of the most overdiagnosed things also. My daughter is quite active though, kind of alot more than most kids. But that is who she is and I have seen where meds kinda of put them in zombie mode and that is definitely not what I want. I love that she has that energy and everything. My only problem is that it is starting to show in school. Her teachers and myself and husband all have said that she is so smart. She can pick up and learn how to do things after one time of being told but now she is really starting to not be able to pay attention long enough to get her papers done and she can't sit still.

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TBH, my family told my mum to get me diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia and such things, but my mum didn't, she had an idea of the cause for me to be so hyperactive and such, because of the foods I was eating..

Before agreeing with what the doctors say, try and take out as many aditives and E numbers as possible, E numbers specifically in blue food colouring or green, can cause children to be hyperactive and show signs of ADHD

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i think all children have some motivation to do their school work. their learning styles just vary. maybe you could go to one of those good tutoring places so they can figure out a way to help your daughter focus? over here we have sylvan learning centres.

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Definitely look online about foods and hyperactivity..I heard alot about that....My brother was diagnosed when young and my mom took him off the meds for the same reasons you stated....I too think that is one of the most over diagnosed conditions.. Also try some sports or gymnastics to burn off excess energy..

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there has been lots of research that certain children are hypersensitive to sugar or other food types or additives.


try taking her off all sugar for a while (including 'hidden' sugar in things like breakfast cereals) and see if she improves.


also, she may have food allergies that can lead to this behavior. has she shown any allergies at all before to anything? you might have her tested and remove her from any foods she is sensitive to, and also from any environmental allergens like dust if she tests positive for it.


allergic reaction produces histamines which are chemically similar to adrenaline and can wind people up.

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In addition to what posters have said about food sensitivities, I recommend removing Monosodium Glutamate from your daughters diet. It's an unnecessary, adverse flavor enhancer that happens to be an excitotoxin. It has yet to be tested on humans, but in studies conducted on mice it creates brain lesions in the hypothalamus and regions surrounding it. Apparently, it has a negative effect upon those with ADHD and other disorders. If your interested in excluding it, you should be aware of the various names it falls under here, link removed


I consumed this additive for years and once I excluded it from my diet--and recovered slowly over the course of a year--my parents noticed a significant boost in my cognitive ability.


As for medication, holistic treatment would probably be your best bet.

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I definitely am. She is so smart and outgoing and I really am proud of her. Thats why I want to help the best way I can. I want her to be able to get her school work done but I don't want her to lose her personality.


Get a second opinion and for sure explore other options. Then try medication if all else fails and feel good about your decision. There are many different ADHD meds available and they affect each person differently. The right medication will certainly not turn your daughter into a zombie or alter her personality. Medication may be an option that allows her to continue to have a positive experience at school and with her peers, because school is only going to get harder for her. The internet is a powerful tool- do your research on all your options. The more educated you become on the condition, the better advocate you can be for your daughter.

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A lot of good suggestions regarding diet.


shuttlefish mentioned being outdoors/active, and I'd just like to add that sports/or any activity that is physical in nature is a great way for her to burn off extra energy.

Just be careful not to have this going on too late in the day, or the adrenaline could disrupt her ability to get to sleep on time.


Do a lot of creatively engaging activities together.

Perhaps you'll notice that when she's really excited about something, she's focused to the point of tuning out everything else... if that's the case, try to tap into that as a strength.

Maybe try to adapt lessons/tasks to incorporate elements of her favorite subjects.

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Hello, I'm new to this site, but I wanted to say that I am having difficulty with my daughter as well. My daughter is 8 years old and in second grade. I was confronted by her teachers that they believe she may be ADHD. I've done a lot of research and she does fit most of the symptoms. I don't want to put her on any meds either.


Her problems consist of being a social butterfly, won't focus at school or home. Its takes us hours every night to finish one to two pages of homework. Very active. She gets depressed very easily and then starts talking about how bad her day was and how all the girls don't like her.


I not sure what to do next.....

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I, unlike the other parents, support medication as a form of therapy. My 10 year old son has ADHD (inattentive type), OCD, and Tourettes. Most often these types of disorders are seen in co-morbidities - when one disorder is present, there is a strong likelyhood that another is also present. The "zombie" effect is only there if the medication is too strong of a dose or the incorrect med for them. I have tried all of the homeopathic/ natural stuff - diets, exercise, behavior mod classes, etc. and for my son, medication is by far the best option for him. I was scared at first to try them, but when he looked at me and said he felt so much better, I knew it was the right choice for us. Bottom line is, you have to decide with your doctor the best course of action that is right for your child. Never generalize because each child is different - I always say, put yourself in your child's shoes and see how they feel. I wouldn't want to have a million thoughts racing through my head, bounce off the walls and be so anxious that I couldn't sit still. It's a stuggle for sure, and the battles with the school don't get easier, but definitely explore ALL of the options...

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hiya i am toxi aged 15


i also have a form of adhd and dont find it gets in the way of life shure i know i get to hyper and anoying to outhers but your daughter will lead a normal life


my mum has alot of ways of calming me down one way is hot baths with lavder i make out i hate it but it is soo nice and at school i get to take time outs when i get worked up


oh and i dont know about sweeties but i hate to admit it but anyting with to many e number sends me bouncing of walls

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