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funny article about facebook after breaking up


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I've never experienced a breakup on facebook, but then again my status was listed as "married" to my brothers soon to be *wishful thinking* fiance. I like to keep my personal life PRIVATE. I started liking someone on there and realized i was spending too much time looking at his pictures that it kind of freaked me out knowing he and everyone of my friends were free to disect and inspect every inch of MYfacebook (although i have seriously nothing to hide). I deleted it in January. Go me.

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Facebook really is not great for break-ups.


I un-friended my ex, un-friended his friends and family, and blocked him. We didn't really have mutual friends, expect for maybe one friendship he was developing with a boyfriend of one of my good friends (I never stopped the friendship, but found out that my friend's boyfriend actually ended it himself out of loyalty to me; now that gave me a warm fuzzy...sometimes your true friends reveal themselves in times of breakup).


I have a feeling the ex blocked me on AIM, but I just deleted him there because I actually really hate AIM and sign on maybe once a month.

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interesting....answering a lot of online questions when it comes to people.


Facebook i think is starting to get annoying with there new pages and different looks. Just when you get use to one they change it. Everyone that i basically know wants the older one back

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