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Fear of abandonment problem

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hello, this guy and i like each other but i have convinced myself that he is going to eventually get bored of me and move on. i am an attractive woman, i dress nice, and get compliments, messages, etc. last night, he was @ a party and was texting me on and off, and we talk/text nearly every day and i dont always initiate it. i havent text him @ all today and am afraid that i wont hear from him.

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I see my girl once a week, never more. Sometimes I worry that she will loose interest in me even though I'm handsome, have a job and I treat her well. Perhaps, like me, you are just a worrier. Often, it's best to just put those worries aside as best you can but I can promise you, as a man, that we DONT like women you are clingy.


Instead of worrying, try to rationalize your situation. Think of all the pluses you have and weigh them against your cons. Men are very logical, if the pluses outweigh the minuses all is most likely well

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A relationship has to be 50/50...gender roles or men going first for that matter should not be in your thinking.


You also have to acknowledge the good in yourself. He is into you, the proof is in the pudding. Sadly it doesnt always work out but you should put your share in and see what happens. We are all scared of getting abandoned to an extent but fortune favours the brave. Go with it and see what happens....


All the best.

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