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Childhood fear wrecking my life


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Hi everyone,


Do you remember as a kid when you watched scary movies you'd be scared for a week of the scary ghost or monster coming to get you? Or the boogie man in the closet or whatever fake imaginary thing you came up with?


This fear has never left me.


This started December 26th, 08 after I watched 'The Ring'. That movie scared me to DEATH. I literally woke up at 4:30 AM from fear! I don't even understand why I'm so frightend. Logically I know the stupid movie is not real and there is nothing thats going to happen to me - but for some reason even now I'm just terrified every time I think about it. To the point where I avoid going home because I'm just scared. Scared of what though? Thats what I can't figure out! I know it's not real, nothings, going to happen, so why could I possibly be terrified?


I'm not saying I'm afraid to look under my bed or I believe Samara's in my TV. But this childish fear is ruining my life right now.

Can anyone give me some insight into why this movie has upset me that much? I had a TERRIBLE experience as a child with another movie, but I'm over that now. It was 9 years ago and it did scare me more than The Ring did, took me a year to get over. I honestly did not sleep for 4 days straight after I watched it.


Please, if you have any idea...I would appreciate it.

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Don't watch anymore scary movies.


What I did to get over my fear of sleeping in the dark is sleeping with a night light and bathroom light on. Once I got used to that, I got rid of the night light and the bathroom light, and took a flashlight to bed with me. I would make myself lay in the dark and think calm and say to myself over and over that nothing is in the dark that is going to hurt me. If I got too scared and just couldn't take it anymore, I would turn the flashlight on for a few minutes and shine it around the room to show myself that nothing was in the room besides me.


It worked after a few months of doing that.


Maybe you should try it.

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I know a few people who have the lingering fear or resurfacing fear. It's more instinct than childhood fear IMO. Something in that movie triggered a deeper fear that you have and made you think about it. I had to stop watching "Nip/Tuck" when they brought in the face slasher because it completely terrified me. Every sound in the house at night was waking me up for months. I was too embarrased to tell anyone about it.


Bathroom light is good, hallway light so it shines light under your door is good, nightlight is ok as long as it's in a place that it doesn't shine into your eyes (can disturb sleep subconsciously).

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You need to try to replace negative images with positive ones for while.


Get a bunch of movies that are funny comedies, and watch them at home to get over your fear of being at home. Leave lights on in the house so the house is already lit when you get home.


I personally have dogs as pets and they are wonderful because a dog misses nothing! you can sleep well at night knowing nothing is in the house with you, as their sense of smell and hearing is so strong they know instantly walking in a house that no one is in there with you. They also wake instantly at any unusual noise, so nothing gets past them.


So try to get some positive vibes going to replace the negative vibes, and if you're a fearful person by nature, consider getting a dog to feel safe with.


I had a police officer once tell me that having a dog is the best deterrent against ever having someone rob or enter your house (any size dog) because criminals don't want to get caught, and a dog makes a lot of noise if an intruder tries to get in, so they avoid houses with dogs. So you can feel much safer knowing nothing in is your house.

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I was not a big fan of the ring, either. Everything about it was so freaky & I didn't like the part when the horse got freaked out & ran off the ship. Sorry! I'm probably not helping you by reminding you of it.


I don't like freaky movies like the Ring, & I also don't like bloody, gory movies.. so usually I'll ask someone who's seen it if it's either of those types of movies, & if it is I won't watch it. You should do the same.. just avoid those movies! Eventually your fear from that particular movie should subside soon & you won't think about it all the time.

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It might help to look at some of the technical aspects of the making of the film. I googled "making of the ring" and on one of the DVD sets there's a feature on the making of the movie and there's also a documentary made by HBO on the making of The Ring 2.


Also, here's a list of technical and continuity errors that were made while filming The Ring.

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I don't know if this will help, but it reinforces that it's just a movie and you might remember it with a different point of view after reading it.

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