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  1. Thank you for telling me that.....your right....here the guy said hed be heartbroken
  2. Thats a good point. I guess its because I know Im making a mistake. Plus I can tell the guy is REALLY into me, and I dont want to hurt him
  3. He will definitely be older. I'll be 40 and he will be 60....80 when Im 60.... I feel bad for one thing the guy adores me, I also feel bad because as much as I like him, I want things he refuses to offer. Melancholy, you are absolutely right
  4. You just opened my eyes. Thank you Now I feel bad. I adore that man with all my heart.
  5. I would like to get married and be with someone, but I guess I'm open to settling.
  6. I continue to welcome the answers as I feel my eyes are being peeled open
  7. 1.) He does not want to be married - never has. I do not know why. His past girlfriends have pressured him into living together and marriage and he doesnt want either. 2.) He has had nothing but long term relationships (5 years, ect.)) 3.) yes I sleep over at this house 2-3 times a week 4.)We have not met any of our friends/family yet 5.)I know for a fact hes never been married 6.) He actually has trouble performing, but because my sex drive is nil, I am not bothered by it. Hes, funny, fun to be with, amazing looking, good natured, treats me like a jewel I already know he does not want
  8. He has no children, has never been married, and does not want children. I have never been married but would like too, and do not want children. I am not trying to fast track and have not only issues.
  9. Hi, I am 31 and have been dating a man 19 years older than me the past 2 months. We got along great and met online through a dating app. what issues should I expect in the future? Has anyone seen an age gap this wide work out? What conflicts are we likely to have?
  10. I guess what I am upset about is that he did apologize for the way he made me feel, but did not seem to regret what he did. "Sorry I hurt you, but I dont regret having her over"
  11. Thank you everyone. I honestly do not think I would be able to accept this kind of friendship in my boyfriends life. Apparently this dedication to girl has caused problems in his prior relationships as well. Not one of his ex girlfriends liked her, and now I see why, because he puts his friendship over their relationship.
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