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Wow, I think I'm changing.


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I had a really nice break with my boyfriend, I got to spend a month with him seeing him everyday. It was great and we got along great!


He went back to school Tues, I'll see him in a little less then 2 weeks.


Whats changed with me, which I'm quite happy about is I know for certain he loves me and cares for me unconditionally. I don't have paranoia, or feel that I have to have him reasure me of his love, I just KNOW it. This month together made me SEE the love. If he doesnt answer my text right away, I don't get worried.


I've been setting up lots of play dates with friends etc, and I don't feel like my boyfriend and I need to talk non-stop. Since he left, we've texted most the day and had around 2 phone conversations during the day. One at day, one at night. Lasting from 15-30 minutes. I feel that's all I need.


I'm proud of myself that I don't feel the need to be controlling and clingy, I can just live my life and know he will answer me and know that he loves me.


I've been really sick since last night, and he's been SOO sweet and caring. He always checks in on me, wanting to make sure that I've showered, that I've eaten, that I've gotten enough rest and taking my medicine, that I'm not staying up late and excercising yet, really worrying about me. That makes me feel good he cares so much for me, I told him how great a boyfriend he is.


I couldn't ask for more

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