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what is the purpose of a woman mirroring your actions?


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Can't believe you're STILL starting threads about the girl at the gym. What is this now, the 27th thread about her in a month? You're not taking on board what was said to you before, are you? What do you hope to achieve by posting the same type of one-line thread over and over again?

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that's pretty silly so i have no answer for that. i would imagine a reasonable person would consider it silly and thereforee come to the assumption they were being mocked a little bit. i assume you're pissed that this attractive woman isn't taking you seriously enough.


she may have the wrong impression of you altogether and be attempting to mirror you to form some common ground so why not mirror her back. at least you'll regain your sense of humor.


on the other hand, she may just be a moron.


Read his other threads - he has obsessively posted about a girl at his gym whom he squabbled with two years ago, and now he's obsessive about her, despite her avoiding him.

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