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pimples are scarring me?

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I made a post recently about my latest pimple breakout (in short - not suppose to get SO MANY pimples ALL OF A SUDDEN at this age).


I had them all on my cheeks. Now, the red bulgy pimples are gone and what I'm left with are skin-leveled, a tone darker than my skin "circles" (in positions replacing my pimples). I'm quite pale myself, so the dots are kinda obvious.


I had pimple breakouts when i was younger, and when the pimples went away, i wasn't left with any marks.


Has this happened to you before? Do you get marks after the pimples go away? I went to my doctor when i still had the bulgy pimples and he told me not to apply anything and not to worry because they should "absorb" themselves.


I scrapped myself on my arm a few months ago... and i realised that after my skin healed, i'm left with that piece of skin darker than my normal skin colour. The colour isn't fading. I hope this isn't happening again with my pimples!!


please help!

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