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Will religion bring more peace of mind


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when i was younger i suffered from depression - i am now in my second year of college, and i feel i am often in a bitter mood towards people. i prefer to be by myself, and even when around people i am easily angered. im not sure what it is... but im definitely more irritable than most. my boyfriend says i complain a lot about things.. especially being in social situations - i would rather stay in by myself most of the time than go anywhere ( so when i do end up going out i just feel angry the whole time .. for whatever reason) ive recently been looking into going to church, and doing a bible study. does anyone find religion to help them to be a better person? i know it sounds cliche, but im really hoping that some comfort comes to me from it, and that i will be able to a "normal" person who isnt so easily vexed.

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i don't think religion is the answer...i think having a belief in something bigger than yourself really puts life in perspective...

I would try reading some books before i would recommend any one go to church...


The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Power of Now by Tolle

The Celestine Prophecy are good places to start...

Also Eat Pray Love...

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