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Alone on new year and supposed to be anniversary!!!!!!

jerk chicken

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MY BF BROKE UP WIT ME LAST WEEK, IT WAS OUR ANNIVERSRY TONIGHTAT 12. WE HAVENT SPOKEN SINCE AND IM SURE WE WONT. TRYING TO NOT BREAK DOWN!! the only thing that gives me hope is that it wasnt meant 2 b or we wouldnt have broken up, we argued over small stuff for the past approx 4months. atleast i can focus on me now buti domiss him

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Aw hun - (((((HUGS)))))


It sure does suck but you recognise that you had been arguing over small stuff for the last few months.


Try and keep strong and get through what I am sure for you is a pretty crappy day. You are right - focus on you right now - get your head back on straight, eh? You were ok before him and I promise you that you WILL be ok after him.


Give it some time and try to hold strong - we are all here for you.



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