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Goodbye, Everybody


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Everyone always tells me that I have "so much" to live for... I don't see it. All I see is a life of pain, perhaps dulled over time, but always returning whenever something reminds me of all the things that have gone wrong. Whenever I'm by myself, I'm lonely and crave companionship, but whenever I'm around people, I just want them to leave me alone... I'm tired of playing this sick twisted game called Life. I'm tired of things finally looking up, only to be dragged down even farther than they were before. I'm tired of trying.


Goodbye, everybody... you've all been a great help... if I were anyone else, I know all of your great advice would help me... keep it up... I know there are other people who need your help...

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Why are you refusing to see that you have so much to live for?

Isn't there anything you can do to dig yourself out of what you are feeling?


you are only 16. There is alot in life you will miss out on.

If there is one thing I can tell you, you will be hurting your loved ones. How much pain it's going to cause them. Do you have sibilings? If so, think of them. The after effect will hurt them forever.


Life isn't fair. We all hit a few bumps in the road. Even tho the light at the end of the tunnel looks pretty dim, it will get better.

It takes more courage to live.

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They may not care, which they probably do in some way...they might just be alittle angry with you at the moment.


But none the less, there are ppl here who care.


There is always a solution to every problem. Sometimes you have to take a bust in the chops first to find that solution.

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As someone who was deeply depressed for very long periods of time, and who felt that they can't sit through the lies and hate and the filth anymore, HANG IN THERE MAN. I promise, it does go away. There's no magic formula, but the tide will turn. Somehow, life finds a way to improve itself despite everything, and in some way the things that drove me, and the things that are driving you, to this state will fade and change with time.


I never thought the awfulness would stop, either. When people tried to tell me that it would, I figured it was just more emptiness. But they were right, and I urge you not to do anything that I promise you'd regret.


Feel free to PM me anytime.

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