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There's this guy I work with and I kinda had a crush on him ever since I started working there... we became friends and he'd tell me everything that went on with his love life and his girlfriend. Anyways, they broke up and now he's single. We went out last weekend and got really drunk lol... we met some random people and a lot of girls were all over him .. I kinda got jealous so started hitting on this guy ... then I went to the washroom and asked those chicks to ask him what he thought of me and they told me that he said that I was cute but he just got out of a relationship ..and then the guy I was hitting on went to him and said, "if you're interested in her you should go for it" and he said, "she's a friend" ...later, him and I got into an argument so I told him to leave with those girls and i'd find my own way to get home... and he's like, "you know I just left those chicks for you...shut up and lets go"... so then we're waiting for a cab and he asked me for my hand and then he held it ..and we just sat there holding hands for a while ..and then we made out.

But I'm very confused because he told everyone else other stuff and then does that... and we were both drunk by the way. What do you think about this situation? is he interested? or was he just drunk? help plz ](*,)

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if he recently broke up with his gf, be careful. He may genuinely like you, but that doesn't mean you won't end up being the rebound girl. Usually, a person won't recognize that it's a rebound until after the fact. Even if you ask him, are you using me as rebound? he'll probably say no because he believes that. GL.


As for the situation, the drunkenness may have helped him express his feelings for you. How much he likes you is a different question.


Personally, I'd go for it, because I don't like missing chances if I really want something. If you want to play safe, give him time to get over his ex.

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To be honest your actions sound pretty immature. Unless you get a handle on it i doubt this new friendship will end well. First off, you are getting drunk on first night out with a new guy you seem to like, then you are taking the word of other drunk girls about what he said, then he tells you "shut up and let's go" and you just blindly walk with him despite he just told you shut up...


I am surprised you are 21 because this sounded like some teen interaction sans the bar and drinking. I think that you should concentrate on going out with a new love interest minus the drinking and get to know him with your full cognizance on first.

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It is difficult to decipher someone's actions when they are drunk.


Just like another poster mentioned, I would be careful about him just recently breaking up with his girlfriend. There may be a possibility of them getting back together and you being left no where. Speak to him again and feel out the situation. You might be able to better judge the situation when there is no alcohol invovled

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