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aarghhh..what's wrong with me?


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ok here is goes...#


relationshipwise and childhoodwise, it's been a mess.

i was sexually abused by my uncle whan i was five...and the abuse continued till i was ten. i'm 25 now...i finally told my parents about this last year. my folks were no angels either...i've had to put up their violent rows (instigated by my dad especially) since i was a kid..it was too upsetting

realtionshipwise....i was in a very violent, emotionally abusive relationship for five years, it only ended last year.




i was an emotional wreck afterwards.when it came to sex, i always forced myself to have sex with him otherwise he got pissed off, intercourse always hurt with him but i just sucked it up, i didnt want to lose him.

fastforward to this year, i ve met a few guys et al...but they have always not looking for anything serious... when it comes to finally having sex, they can't even penetrate me (like nada).....it's soo embarrasing...i really don't know wat's going on here..it's really bothering me...guys pls I would really appreciate ur comments and opinions on this one.



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