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Swingers - the movie LOL

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How many of you have watched the Vince Vaughn movie Swingers?


To me, that's one of the most realistic movies, from a guy perspective dealing with a breakup.


Jon Favreau's character is dumped by a long time girlfriend, and his buddy Vince Vaughn spends the entire film trying to get him back "out there".


The progression of Favreau's character is something I think most guys can relate to. Heck, women probably can too. But it was nice for once, to see how it is from the guy's point of view.




The best scene is at the end, when the ex, who he's been hoping to hear from the whole time, finally calls him. Well, by now, he's found finally met another woman. Well, I won't completely ruin it, but you have to see it. Something I feel we can all relate too.


It really makes you look at yourself, and also see how absurd some of it is.


Anyway, it's one of my favorite movies, and I thought I'd point it out in case some haven't seen it.

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