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I'm Falling \n Love, BUT IM NOT READY!!!!!!!!!

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I've always imagined falling in love and having a family and everything, but i never expected it at this time in my life. To give you a little insite about ,y situation, im in Nashville helping out a family friend while he gets things together. I agreed to watch his daughter while he is at work. I needed to get away for a while anyways. I knew before hand that this guy liked me. I told myself as well as him coming into this whhole situation that i wasnt ready for anything serious. Ive been here for almost a month and plan on going home in a couple more weeks. At first I couldnt get over his looks, hes not the best looking guy, but as time has progressed I find him more and more attractive to me. We began sleeping together about 3 weeks ago and both agrred on a friends with benifits kinda thing. We get along and relate to each other on so many levels. I can tell that Im starting to fall for him but I really dont want to at this point in my life. Im only 18 and I still have alot of things planned for my future. College, going out, partying things of that nature. Ive tryed to hold myself back as much as possible. I know he will treat me so good and is everything I have ever wanted in a guy as well as a friends. Exept for the wjole looks thing, but Im getting over that as time progresses. Will someone please give me some advise on what they think about this situatuation. I would really apprecitae it alot. Take care.

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ahh love - so sweet and threatening


what you could do though:

a) nip darn love bug in the bud - i.e. by moving away, taking a vacation, removing benefits from friends-with-benefits situation. First-year in college will take care of this romance right away: so many interesting people to choose from definitely puts any relationship in a perspective.


b) accept it: love is a fantastic feeling and worth the risk. In any case, it should not be your first priority, so do not sacrifice college or your friends or partying. Especially college and partying: it is so good to be unattached and let yourself do some wild stuff during that time. Ahh the lascivious college days 8)

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