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what do you think she thinks of me??

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when i was with my 2year girlfriend we where really close talked about being together and having kids in the future lol it was all abit daft at the time but we where both really serious and just 17..we talked about if we broke up we'd always love each other still........abit unrealistic but we both thought it at the time......i started feeling different and treat my ex abit worse..still caring and stuff but always started arguments and sometimes called her names..then after a messy few weeks we split up for real..


the first few days she said she misses me loads but feels happier...


then i tried to get her back and failed...


she quickly got cockier and more confident and i presumed it was because now she was the one with power(she also gained a stronger bond with her friends)


she started saying she just wants me to get over her..as if shes already over me within 2 weeks even though she seemed gutted...


a month later she didnt seem bothered at all she had got with a few people(kissed)


we had a fall out and she said she doesnt care about me anymore i need to move on..but then later said she does still care she was just angry


then i went on holiday and we had no contact for 3 weeks..she sent me 1 random text about TV...


2months after the split she had a boyfriend..i text her saying she doesnt waste time and that i thought she just wanted to be single...no reply


hardly any contact until 3 months later..i text her asking if it was true when she said shed always love me...she said she doesnt no times change but then said id always be in her heart....




when we where together she was crazy for me..and i though if we split shed be crused..but from 1 week on she seemed fine...and i wonder if she still thinks about me daily or if she really doesnt care anymore...............................


i just dont have any idea what she thinks..it could be anything from being literally fine and not caring about me after 2weeks...or still have sad thoughts and missing me maybe even crying occasionally now 4months l8er

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She didn't take enough time to think things through to get over you. So now she is being jumpy having rebound relationships. If she says I hate you one minute, then I like you the next, she wants to confuse you to make you think there is hope, just a little. Its foolish.

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but thats the thing lol..i broke up with her and she didnt want to go through the pain of me constantly questioning whether i want to be with her so she didnt take me back. then the month i spent trying to get her back i presumed made her feel as if she didnt want me because i was pushing her away...then when i stopped i expected her to come back but it didnt happen she just got into a rebound...

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Hey Binkez, sorry you're having a hard time. It sounds like you're obsessing about the relationship and are a bit stuck on her and the way things went.


Rejection and grief are tough and so is thinking thoughts about if she ever loved you. If you can, try to believe that she loved you at some point when you were together. Her feelings might have changed, but they're allowed to, feelings do. Its been four months, why can't she be happy with someone else? Does she feel bad about you - maybe - who knows, but thinking about what she might be thinking doesn't actually change anything. Maybe she cries herself to sleep every night thinking about you, what difference would it make if you knew that? Maybe your ego would feel a bit better - but do you really want her to feel like that?


She wants you to move on. She told you that straight up. Try to do that. Do everything you can not to think about her, or what she may be thinking about you. Do new stuff, meet new people and the more you move on and the less you think about her, the more you will just wish her well. Apart from being healthy for you to start moving on, she is much more likely to contact you and for it to go well if she does.


If you're really having trouble stopping thinking about her, try to get some professional help - see a doctor or counsellor and let them know how you feel and they can help get you sorted. You'll be ok.

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i am moving on and doing pretty well..its basically more confusion than anything of how she just seemed to be fine once we actually split...

i no she definatly loved me at one point..i think she was probably fine when we split because i spent 3 months maknig her feel like we where going to end when it actually happened she was well prepared..


i hope she still cares about me but your right theres no point beating myself up wondering...


and i guess i think it would make a difference if i knew how she felt because then i'd no if she was likely to ever want me back.


i think because it was my fault we split up and i treated her bad causing her to loose some of her feelings for me..i feel as if she must still love the real me before i turned into a nob..and the person she loved is the person i'd be if we got back..but chances are she'll never find that out...


i found out she split up with that boyfriend today..i thought id be happy but when i heard she was upset i just felt bad.

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