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To my brother.

Our fathers are brothers and our mo...
Our fathers are brothers and our mothers are sisters, our relationship? | Michael's Hut

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Why are you this way? Why do you hate me? Why do you hate mom? Why do you want us dead? There will never be two people who will love and support you more than the two of us. Why do you choose to be with people who don't care about you and who are toxic? Why do you alienate anyone that wants to love you?


I understand there is a lot that you cant do right now. I will not tolerate your attitude your mouth, or the nasty girl you choose to be with. She is disrepectful and has disrespected everyone around you. This is not someone that mom or I will tolerate in our home. The fact that you choose her over us, is sickening.


I am grieveing the loss of you. I can not accept you as a part of my life. You want me dead, you got your wish. I am now an only child.


At this point I dont want you around. You have hurt me too much to have you back in my life. I can not go through that again. Your words have hurt me too deep. Goodbye, brother, goodbye.

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Thank you all for writing in, that means a lot. I didnt really think about getting a response. Orginally I typed it on the say something to anyone thread and then thought better of placing it there. Thank you for responding your words mean a lot right now.



That is such a sad post books I am sorry things are that way in your house right now. What did your brother say to you? I hope he didn't actually say that he hoped that you were dead.


Well I wish I could say differently Samedy, but I can't. He has told me this three times now. Tonight, I called home and the phone rang for 30 minutes. I was calling to let mom know I was coming home from work so she knows when to expect me. I do it everynight, because I have a long commute late at night. My brother chose not to click over. He was too busy talking to his friend that he couldnt be bothered. I wasnt asking him to end his conversation, just beep over. What if I had been hurt in an accident, or gotten stranded. Who knows what would have happened?


I was ticked and I told him so. I asked him the same questions that I posted here and was told to shut up and go die somewhere, and that he hated me living and being born.


He is having a lot of health problems right now. He is in a lot of pain, but he is hateful to everyone but this one girl who is, for lack of a better word, trash. Normally I would NEVER think of calling another person this, but she is. I am not saying this in some self-righteous way, like I think I am better than her. I am saying this because she has no respect for herself or anyone around her. She is nasty and contagious. I know that this sounds harsh. I am however speaking the truth as I have done her laundry.



I could have written this post - word for word!


I am sorry healthseeker. My deepest sympathies! HUGS!!!



oh love,

i'm so sorry you are feeling this!

it's the hardest when we get hurt by those we love so much...


Thank you melly! Is it ever. As much as it hurts to cut off my feelings to him, I know I am saving myself in the long run.

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