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Son only 3 weeks But Pregnant again


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Ok, i cannot believe this at all. If you have a baby, why are you always on the internet? Why aren't you taking care of your babies? Maybe you may have not been able to have anymore children, but how are you gonna deny someone of their life? Thats just wrong. You don't need to be havin anymore kids until you are older.

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Oh yeah, how are you gonna say you had a miscarriage then say that you didn't lose your baby? If you had one wouldn't the baby come out? I think so. Then you were back on in the internet in less than 3 hours after the miscarriage. When my sister had a miscarriage, she had to stay in the hospital overnight. So your story just isnt adding up boo.

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ok. i had a miscarriage when i was 12 but that was the baby from when i was raped. thats the only miscarriage i ever had and the twins were aborted in an abortion. it was either my chance to have any more kids if i had a miscarriage with them and i would never be able to have more kids when i was older, or abort them, and have kids when i am older. with an abortion, you go in, have it, go into recovery for an hour or two and you are out. its not a huge procedure and it wasnt very painful for me. aiden is not even 2 months, and new borns sleep up to 16 hours a day. aiden sleeps about 12 hours a day and thats when i go on the computer.

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ok. u have that part right. Aiden was a twin, but I got pregnant a couple weeks after Aiden was born and they found out it was twins. Because of Aiden being born that soon and me getting pregnant, they did a bunch of tests and I had a 73% chance of losing one of the twins and a 68% chance of losing both and that was on a sheet where 18 was the youngest age, so my chance rose a lot. I could either wait, and most likely have a miscarriage and damage my chances to ever have another baby or have an abortion and save myself so that I could have another chance to have another baby. We chose the abortion because my health was at risk, and Aiden needs a mother and I wasn't going to do that to him. Sorry If I was confusing you.

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So how could they possibly miss a baby when you were getting an abortion? Don't they do ultrasounds and stuff? And didn't you say somewhere that you had a miscarriage right before you got pregnant with your son? So lets recap:

Had miscarriage when raped

Had another miscarriage

Had abortion with twins but missed one

Had son

Pregnant with twins

Had abortion


Am i right on all this?

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