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Son only 3 weeks But Pregnant again


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Hello. I had my son Aiden Robert on January 7th but I'm Pregnant again. He was born on a Wednesday and I started the pill 2 Sundays ago. I know we should have waited the 6 weeks before having sex again, but we did not. I went back for our checkup yesterday and with the blood test, they said that either my body still had the pregnancy hormone in it, or I was pregnant again.


They did an ultrasound and found that I'm about a week pregnant. Rob already knows because he was in the room with me, and we told my parents when we got home. They were a little pissed that we didn't wait like the doctor said, and they said that I would be made fun of a lot more than I was with Aiden, because I'm only 14 and my second child will be born in the same year.


They know that I had started the pill, but we had sex before the pill had time to take effect. I had posted a board on when the pill becomes effective and I read the package, and it takes 4 days for the pill to become effective and we had sex the day after I started it.


I know that we will be able to raise both our children, and it will be a lot harder than just with Aiden, but we know we can do it. The doctor said it will be about a month before he can really tell a due date, but he said around the beginning of October. I'm marrying Rob in September and my mom was going to get me a dress a couple months before, but now I will have to go a couple days before.

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My sister had a child 11 months after her first. It worked out great for her. She has 2 great sons who hang out together all of the time. She did all of her "baby" work really quick and was done with it.


She didn't mind it at all.


Good luck to you.

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wow, thats pretty impressive, how quick everything happened. and congratulations. its nice to see that your boyfriend is sticking by you, and a wedding in september, seems like a lot of planning. i guess its going to be a special year for you. and if you and your boyfriend can get through this, i dont think that you will or should anyway be bothered by what others have to say.


good luck with this. and im glad your doing well.


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PLEASE stop trying to have a child again so soon. Its not good for your health, its not good for the baby's health. Listen to your doctors and start paying attention to their advice.


At age 14, how are you possibly going to support two children? Its really not fair to your parents to just assume that they are going to support you and your children just because you've decided to get pregnant. Consider other people and how they are affected by what you are doing, instead of just what you and your boyfriend want.

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ok first of all, the doctor said that the baby would be perfectly fine, and second of all, we do not care about wut other people think about us or our children. my fiance is working 2 jobs and still going to school. I am going back to work in a week. I have over 12,000 dollars in the bank from a court case that I just won. my parents are not supporting us, other than buying food for us and Aiden, which they do willingly, not because we need it. if we needed to buy ourselves food, we would, but its my parents choice to buy it and we even told them that because we are completely responsible for our child and ourselves.


I just wanted to let u know that.

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Honey - I can understand why you would want to have another child after miscarrying. And I'm really sorry you lost your baby. The thing is, while the baby might have been perfectly healthy, pregnancy and childbirth is heavy wear and tear on you, physically. Your body may not have been ready to carry another pregnancy to term just yet may well have been part of the reason for your miscarriage. Trying again too soon could end up causing you more grief, and more wear on your own health, if you don't give yourself a chance to recoup a little. Even though you might feel ready - your body may not agree with you, and you don't want to go through the pain of another miscarriage so soon. Having children close together isn't always a bad thing - mine are just over a year apart, but talk to your doctor and ask him for some advice on when the BEST time would be, as far as you being fully physically ready to have a healthy pregnancy and birth first. Most will advise about a 6 month wait for your vitamin and electrolyte levels to balance back, your iron to be back up in range, and your hormones to stabilize, since it's the level of your hormones that determines how healthyand enriched the lining of your uterus is to begin with for the baby to start growing on. Remember, the baby has to depend on drawing all it's nourishment from this for your full term. If those aren't in balance, your body will make the decision for you and cause you to miscarry, and that's a heartbreaking experience you don't need to put yourself through again, so take care of yourself and follow any advice your doctor gives you about trying again.

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I hate to tell you this, but 12,000 is going to disappear in a real hurry. Its not as much as it sounds. And I am glad your fiancee is working so hard to support you and the baby. But kids are very expensive. Trust me, I know. I have 3 of them.


But I still stand by what I said. You are taking some serious risks. And your statement "We don't care what other people think" is exactly what I was talking about. You are concerned only about yourselves. What about the children? They deserve some consideration also. What about your parents? They also deserve some consideration.


You can be defiant if you want to. But you are giving up a LOT of your life by doing this. You may not care now, but you will in a year or two. You will have many, many years to have more children if you'd like to. I don't mean to discourage you from that. But I do mean to encourage you to WAIT until things are more settled, you have your finances in order, you are done with some schooling, and Aiden is a bit older. Its going to be hell to take care of an infant when you already have a toddler. They need CONSTANT attention.


And it is not a good idea to try and get pregnant right away after a miscarriage. Your body needs to recharge a little. Its all stressed out from the pregnancy and that may be one reason why you miscarried. I'm sorry that happened, it is a very sad thing. But I hate to see you hurt again by trying for another pregnancy so soon.

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im really sorry about blowing up like that, but i was pissed at my dad and i wasnt in a good mood. i realized that you were only trying to help me and i realized that with the help of a friend. we are going to the doctor tomorrow to see wut he says and then we will go from there.


thanks for not getting too pissed at me and im really sorry.

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ok. we went to the doctor today around 9, and he did a couple tests including a urinalisis (sry dont know how to spell) and a blood test and an ultrasound. the urine test and blood test both came back that i was pregnant so he did an ultrasound and a vaginal test and both showed that i didnt lose my baby. he said that the amount of blood that i passed yesterday, is normal in some pregnancys in the beginning. I STILL HAVE MY BABY! im so happy. it will be awhile before we know the sex but they are going to do another ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure everything is fine. he said that i would be fine with only having Aiden and then getting pregnant again.

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Aiden is a month and I'm having twins!


We already have names:



If its 2 girls then,

Thalía Amber

Carmyn Elizabeth




If its a girl and boy then,

Carmyn Thalía

Dylan Anthony


If its two boys then,

Brendan Anthony

Dylan Hunter


Tell me what you think please

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im trying to understand how to pronounce some of the names but they are nice. i always liked the name declon for a boy or even ashley for a girl. there pretty interesting.


and as for the post after, people mature at different times for different reasons, i never believed there was a set age at which people grew or grow up, it tends to just happen. so her lifes doing pretty good in my eyes, she seems to know where shes standing and has her man by her side, things that people much older than her dont have. struggles are struggles all of us go through them at some point, hopefuly she does well like everyone else.


besides were all given a chance and we take it as we please.



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Hey. If u dont believe me, then u dont believe me, but it is happening.


as for pronouncing the names, the only hard one is Thalía i think, and its like this


Ta Leah.. if u can think of it that way. we both love that name and Carmyn is the same as carmen but with a y.


As for prom and hanging out, I can still hang out because we have the whole basement and as long as we dont keep my parents awake, then we can have people over whenever. For things like prom, my sister already said she would watch them, because we go to prom in may. Its not my prom but its robs and he can bring me because we are together and im his date. as for my prom, we will both go and if my sister wont watch the kids, then we will hire a babysitter. We are not really missing out on anything and we love these kids to death, even our unborn children. they are our lives and nothing can change how we feel about them.

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First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! . Both of my daughters we're born 10 1/2 months apart, one was born in the middle of Feb. 2001, and the other was born just two days after x-mas 2001. I have to tell you, it is very hard when they are that close in age. But the good news is that it will get easier, they will play together, go to school together, and even leave home together. It's only the first couple of years that is the hardest, mine are both 2 right now (the oldest will be 3 next week) and I still find it hard at times, but the great thing about it is that they never get lonely, they always have eachother. Good luck with everything.


Take care, Jessica

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i'm sorry for sayin this and by no means am I trying to judge you.. but you're 14? your bf is 17? and you supposedly have a child that is a month old and pregnant with twins? come on.. something has to ring in your head, how are you going to support 3 kids? what are you going to do if your bf loses his job, you dont have a job and your parents arent able to help support you or your kids?, like avman(i believe) said a couple thousand dollars isn't going to support you and 3 kids, my best friend has a job makin close to 50k a year and still struggles to support his 2 kids. sounds like you are just waiting til the day you have to stand in line to get foodstamps(not puttin it down cuz people do have hard times but with your case you are honestly asking for it)? you're only 14, hell you can't even work legally what are you thinking? are you doing this craving attention or what?.. think about this.. what are you going to do if something happens to your parents? how are YOU going to survive muchless how are you going to raise 3 kids?, but seriously i'm with whoever said they were having a hard time believing it.. i've read a few of your other posts and seems like everything changes all the time?

But whatever.. Hope the best for your kids sake.

Whatever makes you happy I guess but think about the innocent kids you are bringing into it.


-Mythical Suicide-

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Hey. I'm upset right now. I went to the doctors yesterday and they did 4 different tests on the baby and me. When they were finished, the doctor said I had a 73% chance of losing one of the twins and a 68% chance of losing both of them. I have to be very careful and he said with my age, and Aiden still this young, then the chances rise (the 73% and 68% are from a chart where the youngest age is 18 ). He did not want to tell me, but I know I have a huge chance of losing these babies and I am really upset right now. I already lost one baby to miscarriage when I got pregnant from the rape and I don't know if I am ready to go through it again. Please help me anybody. If you have any advice, PM me or if you have AIM, please IM me. I need help.

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We had two options. Either abort the babies, and save my chances of ever getting pregnant again, or keep them, and lose pretty much all chances of ever having another baby. We made up our decision last night to abort this pregnancy. I want more kids, and I'm still not far enough into this pregnancy to completely fall in love with them and we would make out a lot better if we waited to have more kids. I just got back from the doctors about an hour ago and the appointment was 8:30 this morning. We had the pregnancy aborted and we are a little upset right now, but with my health on the line, we believe it was the right thing to do.

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