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Advice for those of you waiting.....


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I have another post on here telling my whole story but you don't have to read it to hear my advice...


This is a hard time in our lives when we are broken up with someone we love and want to be back together with.

In my situation I broke up with him because we were young when we got together and I knew we needed some time apart to find ourselves since we had begun growing distant. I didn't want either of us to resent the other later in life for them not getting to do something we wanted to. I want to be back together and it hurt me when he said he liked this time to himself but I know deep down that us having this time will end up being the one thing that keeps us together if we get back together. I am also doing NC right now after some LC so give him his space and let him see if he misses me.


Here is what I have to tell myself every day, multiple times a day to get myself out of my own thoughts:


First I say, I can't do anything about it now


Then I tell myself that there are only two options for how this will turn out

1. We will get back together and our time apart will have strengthened our love and we will be happier than before

2. I will eventually move on and the person I end up with will be better than him for me, and if he is better than my ex then he has to be AMAZING!


I also have a friend that swears he way is the best but I would say to take this advice with caution because it can work for those who are strong enough and it will just break down the weaker ones. But she says that she tells herself when she starts to think about it that they WILL get back together and she just needs to have fun right now until it happens. She says saying this keeps her positive and moving on because it will turn out that they do get together or that by the time she realizes they aren't going to be together she has spent so much time having fun it won't hurt as much.


Personally I am too weak at this stage of the break up to do her scenario but I can see it working for her so if it works, do it!


I hope this helps someone!!

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I think the thing that helps the most is to stop comparing your ex to the nest best thing. If you love someone enough let them out of their cage and if they are truly meant for you then they will come back to you. I think that time will be the test and if you two pass that then there's no issues.

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