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can you like two people at once?


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ok so me and my ex recently ended things between each other and we chose to keep talking to maybe get back together because we both needed time to away from each other because of past events. after our break up i started reading a lot of self help books to work on some of my insecuritys to help me deal with myself better and my EX. things had been going pretty well we were hanging out as friends and all was good. i was doing a really good job of being mysterious. So today i hung out with her and she said she needed guy advice and i was like * * * , i thought she was just trying to attack my insecuritys because ive been a little to honest with her in the past because im a sensitive person. so anyway i played things very cool i gave her no advice about this new boy in her life that doesnt seem to feel the same way about her, she constantly thinks boys just use her because shes an insecure person also and constantly over thinks things. she kept bring up the boy to see if she could get a reaction from me to see if she could get some power, which she got absoltuly none. i told her that their were other girls in my life to and one was starting to become serious which was a lie, this new girl seemed to really bother her and she was asking a lot of questions about her and seemed really upset but i played really cool like i was excited to talk about this new girl in my life, and i was glad we both found people. then she started asking me if i was over her at first i wouldnt answer her and kept changing the subject which i could see was getting to her. then i asked her if she still liked me and she said she still does and i told her i was still a little attached to her, and i still like her and this seemed to brighten her spirits a little. she was also showing me hickys from this new boy from the previous almost to see if she could get a reaction from me but i played it very cool and acted very uninterested, kinda immature eh?. so after i got home it hit me and i started to worry and now im not feeling so great and im starting to feel upset about this other boy in her life and how * * * * ty its going to feel if they start dating. so my question is if she really still liked me and wanted to get back together which was the plan could she really start to like another boy and have feeling for him with me still in her life? i do honestly believe everything about this new boy and i know she deffinatly has feeling for him. so please anyone with advice or experince please post, thank you for reading

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hey josh,


judging from her nervous reaction when you told her about your fake new girl, she seems to still be very interested in you. I bet you that right now she is just as consumed by the news of hearing about this new girl as you are by her showing you this hicky.


You are definitely "under her skin" and have a bit of control in the situation here- but you most certainly do not want to abuse it, because it can either drive her away or make her realize youre abusing your situation, or worse, both.


By giving her a little bit of good news (telling her you still like her), you have her most certainly interested and I do not think she would date the new guy at all. I think that you should continue what you're doing but at some point, sooner rather than later (because the longer this goes on the more frustrated she might get), you're going to have to tell her how you truly feel... Then things might work out really well for you

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While I do think you can keep yourself at a distance with LC or NC, I don't think it was a good idea to be making up a fake girl. That strikes me as crossing the line into manipulation. I'm sure you had good intentions, but if you were to ever get back together with her, it would fail, because you would be insecure and unsure whether she came back to you because she chose you or because you tricked her into doing so. Don't intentionally play mind games. It will usually come back to bite you in the ass.

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