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Oh my god im loosing my mind!!!!

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Ive never been like this before. I got out of a relationship 3 months ago and found out that they guy I was with was cheating on me the first 6 months of us being together. It ended with an argument and we havent spoken one word to eacthother in the the past three months. I think its because he knows I found out everything and he just feels extremely guilty. Hes a very goody goody so he probably hates himself for what he did. But I just want to text him and ask him some questions because I need closure. I think about him wayyy to much! I think that will really help me close this chapter. But Im scared that if I do text him he might not text back then Ill look weak but at the same time at least ill know he tried.




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You have to make a decision one way or the other if you are able to forgive him unconditionally. If you think there is a chance that you can do that, contact him. Yes you will seem weak but loving someone is about being vunerable, essentially surrendering yourself to that person. I am not overly crazy about this whole texting business, (showing my age maybe) don't guys go for a walk in the park anymore to talk about things?

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