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Has anyone ever been to a Speed Dating Event before?


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Hi All


I'm considering signing myself up for speed dating, but I'm extremelly nervous about it. Unfortunately I have no one to go with me for moral support as all my friends are in relationships. Is it ok for a man to go alone? What's the atmosphere like? Can it be imtimidating? If your been before please do fill me in as much as you can, as I'm really keen on meeting a special someone soon.


Cheers all

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Never tried it before, but I think it would work best for someone who isn't going to take it too seriously. Someone with a sense of humor who can laugh at himself and the situation. Please don't go with high expectations of meeting your soulmate.

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I've been to one of those events. It can feel long and tedious of they line you up to meet too many people, but about 6 meetings is doable (I was lined up for 14, and I was totally burned out by the end).


Don't go in expecting much. Just do it for fun. There is not much you can find out about a person in a few minutes. It's basically a window-shopping event. People just judge each other on looks. It's very superficial. If you want to do well, dress sharp, smile a lot, and don't appear over-eager.


Good luck!

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I went to a beach volleyball speed dating event - they rotated you around the courts to play with every one, then had the traditional speed dating (although it was more of a group thing) afterwards. It was much less tiring because you weren't talking all the time.


I went with the expectation that this would be a self improvement/ self confidence exercise. That is, that I'd have to talk to strangers all day, a relatively new skill for me.


Surprising, I met my current boyfriend there, so I guess just go and enjoy meeting/talking to new people.

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I went to a speed dating event just over three weeks ago.

I went on my own, was nervous as hell before hand but it was quite enjoyable.


So I would recommend you just go out and try it.

And if you don't like it don't do it again.


Make notes as you go around though.

I had 21 meetings with girls and it's very difficult to recollect things afterwards.


Just give it a go.....


Good Luck,


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I'm actually going to try speed dating myself. One of my best friends signed me up and the two of us are going to go together. But honestly, I'm not taking it seriously. I think it might be kind of a fun and different experience.


My advice is: do it, you've got nothing to loose. Just go in with no expectations and have fun!

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