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Help...My ex-boyfriend wants to call me every week, but he doesn't want to hang out. I asked him why and he said it is too painful to see me. Get this he was the one who dumped me! I told him that going out would be uncomfortable for me too, but I am willing to take that chance. So we are going out Thursday, if he doesn't call and cancel. Why would my ex call me all the time after throwing our three and a half year relationship away, and then not want to see me? He isn't dating anyone and I feel that he is trying to keep me hanging in case another opportunity doesn't come along. And get this we have been broken since May. Need some insight into the male psychi, what his motives, and thoughts may be.

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it seems like he is confused about his feelings. i don't see why he would want to talk to you, but not want to see you. maybe it helps him to get over you by talking to you, & seeing you will only make him want to be with you. people get over things differently than others. any thing is possible. if talking to him makes you miss him more, & you are trying to get over him, maybe not talking to him at all for a little while will help you.

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