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How do you heal when . . .

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You realize that even though you were too different and on two different life paths, it may only be a temporary thing. Life paths change...and the more time you spend apart from each other due to this break up will allow you to grow as a person, acquire new interests and so forth...and who knows, you may one day meet again and realize that this time, not only is there still love but also similarities of life styles.

However, if that doesn't happen, then you have to realize that sometimes love is enough and sometimes it isn't. Sometimes love can overcome differences in life paths and so forth...but sometimes, it breaks down as a result. This doesn't mean that there was no love to begin with, but rather it wasn't the right kind of love to still hold you together despite all the differences. If its meant to be and you feel that you can't live without the other person, you fight hard everyday to still stay together despite all the differences because you can't imagine your life without the other person. But if you can't do that, then it means that the differences hold a greater power over your feelings then love. In that case, that love is not true love. And if that be so, then why stay with someone who doesn't truly love you. Why not wait for someone who would fight to stay with you despite the differences and the obstacles in your life? When you realize this....you will let go and begin to heal.

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Love isn't a status that you fall out of, it's a fluid entity that can change and grow as you get older. Right now you weren't right for each other, it happens, but that dosen't mean that you won't ever meet again. Who knows whats going to happen in a few years time?


It's also important to know that, despite the saying, Love dosen't conquer all! Sometimes it dies, sometimes it alters, and sometimes it grows stronger. Use this time to look at yourself, grow as a person, and work on things you need to do. If they come back, great, if not, thats ok too.


You will meet someone again, and have this feeling again.

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