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Girls: how do you give a good BJ?


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Here's my problem. How do I teach my GF to give good head? She wants to do it, and tries, she just doesn't know how: has the enthusiasm, but nearly no skill which means I've never climaxed from her BJ. And the problem is, I (having never done it) don't know what she should be doing either.


I know the easy answer is "it's your body, you should know what makes it feel good" but honestly, I don't. All I know is it goes in a girl's mouth and in some mouths, I felt like I'd just died & gone to heaven while in others, I may as well have stuck it in a glass of lukewarm water for all the sensation I was receiving (currently it's somewhere in the middle).


If any girls who are good at it could give specific, concrete tips, along the lines of "your tongue goes here, then there, suck hard on part A while licking part B" etc., I'd really appreciate it. Something I could pass on to her.


Before we go into selfish territory, I realize it's a two way street and I do go down on her a lot, often staying down until she has a few orgasms in a row.

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I'm not circumsized. Didn't know it mattered; if it does, how? Curious.


First off, you're going to be more sensitive.


Second off, make sure your hygene is good.




I like to roam, but the most vital part of a BJ (IMO) is the head. Toying with the slit, and there's a point on the underside of the penis/head and playing with that is important as well as following the edge of the head around.


Other than that, using your hands, and making sure that everything is wet enough.



Does she like to give head though? Enjoy it and that's most of the battle.

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Personally I just did what I saw done in all the porn I've seen. I know that's not the best source for learning, but my partner was very impressed and was having a great time with it. He usually went crazy when I firmly sucked while simultaneously rotating my tongue around the head and jerking his shaft.


Wow, I apologize for the graphic nature of my post.

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He usually went crazy when I firmly sucked while simultaneously rotating my tongue around the head and jerking his shaft.


Perfect BJ described right there. I also like when the girl does all that and rubs her tongue up and down the top side of my penis(the part id see while looking down).


Also just jerking on it while sucking on just the head and the skin underneath is great.

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No, graphic is good! I wish someone would post a step-by-step diagram. It's those vague "do your best" posts that are useless to me Thanks! Now, my question is, how deep did you take him in your mouth - did you rotate around the head, or lower, or both at times?

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just a inch or so below the head is great. occasionally taking it deep for variety. suck hard but not too hard also not so lightly that you get the feeling that your just dipping it in a cup of warm water. the sensation comes from where shes licking (the best for me is top side of penis and all around the head and underneath it) and how much shes sucking.


i like when my GF takes her thumb and puts it on the top side of my penis and her index on the backside (almost like shes pinching it) and for her to almost like massage it with those 2 fingers(more so the thumb since its on the top part) and for her to lick up and down the top side or all around my head as shes sucking. that feels the best for me.

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