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I've fallin for her and now she may be gone


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well theres a girl a friend of mine named emily now emily is a mature smart person and i just felll in love with it we were friends for along time and now im fallin for her and i know that shes not into me like that atleast she wasnt last tim ei checked which was like a few months ago and we flirt alot and talk bout everything but she jut doesnt seem to be into me and im jut happy to have hre as a friend well awhile back she told me shes transfering to a different school and i mean my heart just sank it hurt so damn bad btu i kno theres not a thing i can do bout it she seems to be excited bout goin there but at the same time it means i will rarely be able to see her and be with her i cant stop thinkin bout it and now its just unbearable she knows im just torn up over it i mean im losin one of my best friends well i just need to knwo is there anythign i should say to her or anything or maybe say sumtin to change her mind or tell her my feelings how would i do that anyway thanks for readin this

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