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hey all,


Some of you may have read my previous threads about my split with a FWB, and that I was struggling because I had fallen for her. We work together, but on health grounds I have been off for 7 weeks.


I am due to go back Monday, which I was dreading, however last night something strange happened. I dreamt about her, but not in a bad way. I dreamnt we had the talk we never had, and I told her how she made me feel and how hurt I was. It was open and honest, and I remember feeling really good.


I woke this morning, and remembered all the details of the dream. Now throughout today ive really felt like that was it, that even though it was a dream it gave me the closure I needed to lay it to rest.


Is this weird? Has anyone else ever experienced this? It was so real, so vivid, that it was almost as if it actually happened and its doneme the world of good.

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Can't say I've had *exactly* that dream, but I've definitely had dreams that have had a significant impact on real life. Either they open my eyes to a new perspective, or they leave me feelng very calm and rocksteady in a time of turmoil. Those dreams are really helpful; I choose to see them as a sign from within that I'm doing alright.


On the other hand, there have been times when I've been plagued with some pretty terrible dreams that haunt me during the day and make me terrified to even fall asleep...but that has not happened for a looooooooooong time.


It sounds like it was a good dream for you; I certainly wouldn't fight the feeling it left you with. Your subconscious knows where it's at!

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No it's not weird, it's your subconscious letting you know that everything's going to be ok when you go back to work.


When I have been in deep depressions, I have frequent dreams about a particular friend, very vivid almost real - on some occasions I have woken myself up laughing about something we were talking about... and that lifts my mood for the rest of the day. I don't get these dreams when everything is going ok.


Anything that helps is good, isn't it?

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