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Been 2 weeks and he emailed me last night


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I posted a couple weeks ago here:





so now an update: I went strict NC straight way, the minute I got off the phone with him and didn't attempt to contact him at all. Moved on and kept busy and was doing really well. Of course I still missed him and always thought of it, but I was at least living my life.


so last night he wrote me an email, first contact since he broke things off 2 weeks ago, heres the email:


" Well I don't really know how to start this, I hate the way I split things with us, it wasn't fair to you and it was an @sshole thing to do on my part. I panicked and ran, its kinda what I do. I didn't think it through adn thought it was the best thing at the time. I haven't been able to get you out of my head lately and to be honest I miss you. I think we had something going. If I haven't totally burned this bridge i would love to hear from you (even an email or txt) hope all is going well with you"


That was around 11:30pm last night, I didn't write back right away. I called my mom and my best friend and wanted to see what they thought.


this morning before I left for work I wrote him back this:


"Hey _____, its really nice to hear from you. I think we should meet up for dinner/drinks, Sound good?"


and left it at that.


I'm nervous, and happy, but at the same time scared that if we get back together he'll do it again, but of course thats a risk I have to be willing to take and if I think its worth it.


His email sounded sincere and apologetic...I wanted my response to be short and sweet so we didnt' end up emailing back and forth about such a serious topic, I'd rather face to face.



did I do ok??? agh, my stomach is doing flip flops!!

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I think it sounds good and you took control, asked to meet instead of the back and forth email......just make sure you are clear on what you wnat. Don;t let him mess around with your emotions! You sound strong, sounds like you are contacting him form a place of strnegth and not weakness...good for you!

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He wrote back saying "Are you kidding? are you planning an attack"


and I texted him back saying no, i wasn't spiteful, just thought his email was geniune and was willing to meet up with him and see how it goes.


he then said "you jsut made my day"


and so we arranged to meet up tomorrow and then I didn't reply to his last text because there wasn't anything else to say and then he texted me asking "have you missed me at all"


so I replied back "honestly, I try not to and I try to forget you, but yes, I do. have you missed me at all?"


and he replied "yeah. this week alot"


and I didn't reply again, just left it.

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You're doing great. Just remember to stay that way! Keep your thoughts together, and make sure not to spill too much info. He has hit a really weak spot with himself it sounds, and you want to make sure you don't spill your feelings too much so he feels completely at ease and then loses interest. Remain a bit of a mystery.

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