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Don't like this advice

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The answer to this may pretty well be obvious, but oh well, here it goes. My sister found out about the girl that I like a lot and how I am trying to go after her and ask her to homecoming in a week from this tuesday. She is 26 and never had anyone like her or had any boyfriends in high school. She found out that I talk to this girl a lot when she is online and we talk usually for an hour after school, we are great friends and I think she might like me. I enjoy talking to her even on just a 'friends' level like all of my other friends, but I would like to ask her out some day I like her so much. My sister told me, "I'd be careful, don't spend all of your time talking to her, for me I found out later it was all a waste of time because I never got anywhere when I tried, I think you are spending too much time talking to her, nothing like that ever worked out for me..." But I figured, if I like her so much and we are great friends, why not try and go for her since I have the chance. It might work out for me, just b/c nothing ever worked out for her doesn't mean I don't have a chance of something with a girl I like working out for me. I figured I would continue talking to her and see where it goes; I am not going to listen to her advice. I just like the girl so much, and I think I might have a chance with her (like going out and becoming more than friends b/c I think she likes me a bit too). What do you all think I should do, continue or not??

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I think u should deffinitly continute talking to her. Just because it didint work out for your sister, doesnt mean it wont work out for you. This has nothing at all to do with your sister. Maybe she just doesnt want her little brother growing up and meeting girls.It may be a protective thing. I dont kno. But dont take her advice, keep talkin to this girl and see where thing go, and ask her out when you think its the right time to.

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Why would you want to stop talking to her? If you enjoy conversing, then keep doing that for it's own sake if nothing else. You may continue to talk for a while, become good friends and not even be interested in dating, who knows?


There's nothing wrong with a friendship that way. Don't stop communication just because you think it might not work out, or might never date. Just see what happens. You'll know when to ask, if and when the time is right. If it never happens, you still have a friend.

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