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How are shy girls when away from their crush?


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When you don't see/make contact with your crush for a day or two, how do you feel?

I feel sad.


How do you respond to other guys trying to put the moves on you when your crush is not around?

LOL like someone would put moves on me.


How often do you think of your crush throughout a day?

Hmm... almost all of the time.

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Wow, why do you wanna know? (No, seriously, answer because it might help you get better answers) Obviously this sort of thing is different depending on the girl and the crush.

It's just that sometimes when the two people "see" each other they'll be too busy to conversate and days will pass when they don't see each other because of their schedules. They both can clearly see that the other has interest in them, but maybe a little too shy to do much about it(more so the female) It would be helpful to know what I a guy that you're just getting to know better can do to make you more happy than usual when you actually do see him? This way no other person gets in between the growing relationship.

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well when you see her, make sure you smile - give a little wave or something so she knows you've seen her. perhaps even if you are both busy, you could still be able to quickly go over and say hello. If she's very shy, then you have to make sure she knows you want her. She may not be very confident about the two of you so do things to reassure her.


Are you two actually together? going out? is it very early in the relationship? if you make suggestions about meeting up and going out then she'll get more confident that you want her.


hope everything goes well! any more questions just let us know!

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Aaaah! I see! It does a world of good to smile, but don't just leave it at that (or she'll overanalyze it.. "omg, did it mean it anything? was he smiling at someone behind me? or does he like me?") But give yourself excuses to talk to her. ("So, that bio test killer, wasn't it?")


Its tedious, but its so fun

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If you ask for her number then she probably will then know you like her! But rather than just saying 'Can I have your phone number?' why not try and line up a date at the same time - ask her if she'd like to go to a movie, lunch etc with you and then say 'maybe if I take your number we could arrange something later'.


Hope it all goes well!

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